Booking Space at the Student Commons


The Student Commons is a licensed venue. As a U of T venue permits must obtain a special permit to serve alcohol, please consult with the Student Commons Events Manager for more information about alcohol at your event.

Photos of your event within the Student Commons are free of charge to our renters. However, any pictures on U of T grounds require the renter to obtain a photography permit through the Campus Events U of T.


After-hour events will require security on site. This will be established on a case-by-case basis. All licensed events where alcohol is being served require the accompaniment of licensed security staff.  The events team will be happy to book this security for you from one of our trusted suppliers.


The Student Commons space and design are an excellent way to make your event unique, and we encourage you to use the space in ways that will impress your guests and create a memorable event. However, no alterations can be made to the venue (i.e. Puncturing or taping walls). Furniture rentals, flowers and any other décor items are welcome, and we look forward to working with your suppliers.

Rates & Availability

The Student Commons space is available for rental anytime upon request. Rental rates vary depending on the date and length of time of your event.

Team Suites

Need a space to chat with your club’s co-president or let members drop in to meet with you? Our club’s offices are just the right fit. Team Suites are meant for more one-to-one meetings, each room is equipped with a table or two and up to six chairs. These rooms are open at the ceiling and are not meant for a private conversation. Reserve yours today through the link above.

Meeting Rooms

Looking for a place to brainstorm with your team or host a small event with your club members? Consider one of our meeting rooms! With room capacity for over 10 people, these rooms are fully furnished and can be rearranged to suit your needs. Use the form above to book one today!

Multipurpose Rooms

Planning something that requires a little room? Our multipurpose rooms may be the answer! These rooms can be transformed into anything you need; a conference room for large work meetings or training, a casual space for students to drop in to learn more information about your club, or even the perfect party space! Find out more below and book through the link above.

Studio Spaces

Want a space to relax and unwind, or host fitness class? Our studio spaces are just the place to host a yoga practice or dance class. Learn more about the spaces below and book through the link above.

Lounge Spaces & Open Areas

Want to host an event for students to mingle, or maybe set up a booth to bring awareness to your cause? Our lounges spaces are just the place for a networking event for your club’s members, and get students’ attention on a social cause. Learn more about each space below and book through the link above.


Need a place to store your stuff? Locker rentals are available on a semester basis (January to April, May to August, September to December). Clubs are able to book lockers on the 5th floor, while students can book lockers on the 2nd floor. Lockers are available first come, first serve. See our booking form above for more details.