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Save the date! WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29th @ 18:00 We welcome all students and especially those in French Linguistic Studies and French Second Language Learning Studies to attend the French Course Union's second academic seminar given by Professor Yves Roberge. Professor Roberge is currently a professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of French, and Principal of New College. His research interests include: French and Romance syntax, first language acquisition of French, dialectical variation, Canadian French, and relations between morphology and syntax. He has published various works including "Syntaxe et sémantique du français" and countless articles. Professor Roberge shall be combining two of his subjects of research, dialectical variation and first language acquisition in his seminar, titled: "Les arguments nuls : variation et acquisition" To read more about Professor Roberge and his publications, please click the following link: There will be plenty of FREE during the and after the event we will head over to East of Brunswick for our second Pub Night of the semester where your first pint will be ON US. We will be inviting all Professors from the Department so that you may have the opportunity to interact and socialise in a more intimate setting. We look forward to seeing you all there, don't miss out! Nous espérons que tous les étudiants et spécialement ceux et celles des études linguistiques françaises et des études de français langue seconde viendront au séminaire académique de l'Association des étudiants de français pour écouter professeur Roberge. Professeur Roberge est professeur du département français à l'Université de Toronto et il est le Principal de New college. Ses intérêts de recherche incluent : syntaxe française et romane ; théorie linguistique ; variation dialectale ; français canadien ; acquisition du français L1 ; liens entre morphologie et syntaxe. Il a publié plusieurs oeuvres qui inclut « Syntaxe et sémantique du français » et innombrables articles. Professeur Roberge combinera deux de ses sujets de recherche, la variation dialectale et acquisition L1 dans son séminaire qui est titré : « Les arguments nuls : variation et acquisition » Pour savoir plus à propos de Professeur Roberge et ses publications, cliquez sur le lien suivant : Il y aura beaucoup de NOURRITURES GRATUITES durant le séminaire et après l'événement, nous irons à East of Brunswick pour notre deuxième pub soirée du semestre où nous vous offrons la première pinte. Nous inviterons tout le professeurs du département français pour que vous ayez l'occasion d'interagir avec les professeurs dans un environnement plus intime. Merci et à bientôt !

FCU Academic Seminar & Pub Night

Teefy Hall, University of Toronto
Nominations are now open for the UTPLS Executive Elections until SATURDAY, MARCH 25th, 2017. If you are interested in running for a position, please e-mail by March 25th with the following information. (1) Your full name, as it will appear on the ballot (2) The position(s), up to 2, that you will be seeking (3) A personal profile, of up to 300 words, that will be posted online. Candidates running for two positions may write two separate profiles if they wish. We will present a list of all candidates and their profiles on Sunday March 26, but candidates may begin campaigning immediately. However no posts may be made in any UTPLS or Mooting group/page. Please see the Elections Guidelines for full information on the positions available, the nominations, campaigning and voting process. _____________________________________________________________________ Elections will be held on MARCH 31, 2017, in the Sidney Smith, Room 2118. At the meeting we will be electing the following positions: (1) President (1) Vice-President (1) Finance Director (1) Communications Director (2) Events Director (2) Mooting Director We strongly encourage everyone to come out and vote for the candidates of their choosing, that will deliver the programming they are interested in, and manage the UofT Pre-Law Society most effectively and efficiently. See you then!

U of T Pre-Law Society: Elections

Sidney Smith Hall