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This guide is the fundamentals and basic knowledge of equity that we hope all students at U of T will learn.

The components addressed in this equity guidebook will be used in our big annual event eXpression Against Oppression (XAO). We will be presenting these basic equity guidelines in a video format, to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

A guide explaining U of T housing options and tenants’ rights.

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Advancing Equity in Education Guide aims to better educate our students about the interconnectedness of equity and social justice both in and outside of campus. This guide will be a useful resource to help students easily find equity-based courses in their programs, so that students can integrate equity into their university experience.

A student-created guide to academic, non-academic and equity rights at U of T.

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As we continue to adjust to a post-Covid world, we want students to be informed on the requirements needed to come back to campus and resume their in-person education. Linked below are some guides around how Covid restrictions and policies will affect different aspects of students returning campus.

This information is always changing. The UTSU will do its best to keep resources on this page up to date. Always refer to official government websites for confirmation on policies and questions regarding Covid.

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