UofT Service Groups

UofT Service Groups, formerly known as “Levy Groups”, are services that are funded by students through an annual levy collected by us to provide cost-saving services to all of our members. These services range from legal advice to bike repairs. Full descriptions and contact information for each Service Groups is below.



North Borden Building

Entrance on Bancroft Avenue

(563 Spadina Crescent)

e: bikechain@utoronto.ca

w: bikechain.utoronto.ca

Bikechain is UofT’s cycling promotion and educational repair facility. Built on a philosophy that encourages the active involvement of our community to enact positive change, the facility offers a hands-on educational experience to all those who are interested in bicycle repair and maintenance.For those members of the University community without a bike, Bikechain offers bikes free to rent. Bikechain also hosts regular seminars on bicycle safety and maintenance. It is open to all members of the university community including students, staff and faculty. Stop by to learn how to give your bicycle some TLC.

Blue Sky Solar Racing

Blue Sky Solar Racing

t: 416-978-2820

e: blueskysolar@utoronto.ca

w: www.blueskysolar.utoronto.ca

University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing is a student-directed program that applies higher education in advancing renewable energy technology and environmental decision-making to make a solar race car. Each component of the car is thought out and evaluated in three key areas: maximization of total energy efficiency, elegance, and overall safety. Blue Sky Solar Racing offers a unique learning experience through the design, construction, logistical operations, public relations and administration of a world-class solar race team.

Centre for Women and Trans People

Centre for Women and Trans People

563 Spadina Ave., North Borden Building, Room 100

Tel: 416-978-8201

e: womens.centre@utoronto.ca

w: womenscentre.sa.utoronto.ca

The Centre for Women and Trans People exists as a drop-in space for UofT students and community members to hang out, meet, learn and share experiences in a safe anti-oppressive and communal environment. The Centre is committed to offering food security, alternative media, peer-support, referrals and advocacy in a women-centered family friendly space. The Centre is student-funded, volunteer-driven and governed by a feminist collective that operates through consensus decision making.

Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU)

Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU)

Innis College, Room 107

2 Sussex Ave.

t: 416-978-7434

e: cinssu.fff@utoronto.ca

w: www.cinssu.ca

The Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU) functions as both a representative for undergraduate students enrolled in UofT Cinema Studies programs and as a film society promoting and celebrating the medium through screening series, seminars and an annual academic journal.

Check out the especially popular Free Friday Films every Friday at 7:00 p.m., Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue). Admission is free for everyone. CINSSU not only collaborates with multiple community partners, such as TIFF, Hot Docs, Reel Asian, etc., but also hosts popular sneak previews of numerous upcoming new films, as well as giving away free passes for advanced screenings.

Downtown Legal Services

Downtown Legal Services

Faculty of Law, Fasken Martineau Building

655 Spadina Ave.

t: 416-978-6447 Book an appointment

t: 416-934-4535 Other inquiries

e: law.dls@utoronto.ca

w: dls.sa.utoronto.ca

Downtown Legal Services (DLS) is a community legal clinic operating out of the UofT Faculty of Law. The clinic offers innovative legal services to low income communities, as well as provides law students with a thoughtful clinic education program. Legal services are provided by dedicated caseworkers who are supervised by practicing lawyers and cover a number of issues including summary criminal offences, tenant housing disputes, human rights complaints, employment matters, immigration matters, family/child education, and UofT academic appeals, affidavits and notarizing documents.

Ontario Public Interest Research Group Toronto (OPIRG)

Ontario Public Interest Research Group Toronto (OPIRG)

563 Spadina Ave., North Borden Building, Room 101

t: 416-978-7770

e: opirg.toronto@gmail.com

w: www.opirgtoronto.org

The Ontario Public Interest Research Group – Toronto is a campus-based group with a mandate for action, education and research on issues of social and environmental justice. Celebrating over 30 years of commitment to social justice on the University of Toronto campus, OPIRG-Toronto is part of an international network of Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG’s), including ten others in Ontario. OPIRG-Toronto is entirely student and community funded. Volunteers are always welcome, and may get involved in one of the many Action Groups, work in the office, do a research project, support community campaigns or join the Board of Directors.

Students for Barrier-Free Access (SBA)

Students for Barrier-Free Access (SBA)

215 Huron St. rm 924

t: 416-967-7322

e: sba@utoronto.ca

w: www.uoftsba.com

Students for Barrier-free Access (SBA) is a non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of students with disabilities at UofT. Through programs and services focused on non-academic issues related to disability, SBA raises awareness and breaks down physical, information, and attitudinal barriers.

University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre (SEC)

University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre (SEC)

21 Sussex Ave. 6th Floor, Unit 612

t: (416)-978-8732

e: sexed.utoronto@gmail.com

w: sec.sa.utoronto.ca

The Sexual Education Centre provides free safer sex supplies such as condoms, lube, dental dams and gloves to U of T students and the wider U of T community. SEC also offers one-to-one peer support, referral services, library services and educational presentations on safer sex, consent and other topics related to sexuality. In addition to these services, SEC organizes fun, sex-positive events throughout the year, including Sexual Health Awareness Week.

University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network (UTERN)

University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network (UTERN)

2016-A – 33 Willcocks St.

t: 416-222-0371

w: www.utern.org

UTERN is the University of Toronto’s Environmental Resource Network, an umbrella organization that serves as the meeting point for everyone in the university community concerned about the health of our environment. They provide funding for environmental initiatives to aid in networking and collaboration. Membership to UTERN is free to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the University of Toronto.

University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP)

University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP)

21 Sussex Ave. Room 534

Tel: 416-315-8665

e: codirectors@utihp.ca

e: www.utihp.ca

UTIHP is a student-run non-profit organization that provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of internal health issues, develops resources for international health outreach and provides students from various disciplines the opportunity to develop leadership skills for further involvement in international health.