UTSU Clubs Services

The UTSU recognizes hundreds of clubs every year. From the Canadian Politics Society to the Quidditch Team, there is a club for virtually every interest. Clubs can help you make friends with similar interests, gain leadership experience, and even build out your resume. If you are looking for a club that doesn’t exist, you have the power to start one! Being a UTSU recognized club has lots of perks, including funding and resources, support for club promotions, and access to equipment for events, from folding tables to a popcorn machine.

Join an existing group

Look through the UTSU’s clubs gallery and find the group best suited for your interests.

Get your club funded

Find out how to apply for UTSU recognition and funding for your group.

Start your club

Find out how you can start your own club.

Access additional resources

Discover the additional resources that we make available to groups on campus.

Low-cost gear and equipment rentals for clubs

Find out how we can help provide your club gear and equipment for future events and programming.