Mission Statement

1. As stated in the Letters Patent the Mission Statement of the Union is:

2. To safeguard the individual rights of the student, regardless of race, colour, age, mental or physical ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, religion, personal or political beliefs, nationality, geographic or ethnic orientation, citizenship, class ancestry or status, including but not limited to marital, socio-economic, First Nations, Inuit or Metis;

3. To foster the intellectual growth and moral awareness of the student in order to benefit him or her, the University of Toronto Student Community, and society;

4. To provide facilities of the services and activities in which the interests of the University of Toronto Student Community are involved;

5. To endeavour to bring about a fundamental redistribution of power so as to permit substantially greater participation by students in making those decisions which affect their lives;

6. To engage in research and discussion of the broad educational philosophy and principles affecting the University of Toronto Student Community;

7. To provide means of communication within the University of Toronto Student Community, among the campuses of the University of Toronto, with other members of the university community, with other universities, and with the general public;

8. To engage in discussion with municipal, provincial, and national governments on issues that affect the University of Toronto Student Community;

9. To encourage social action programs involving volunteer student resources;

10. To press for such action as may be necessary to make higher education accessible to all classes of Canadian society.



We are committed to improving the lives of our membership and ensuring they are able to access a high-quality education at the University of Toronto equitably. These principles define our work:


High-quality, accessible post-secondary education system

Our ultimate goal as defined in our mission statement is a system of higher education, which is accessible to all classes of society. We are committed to representing our membership to all levels of government and the University of Toronto to achieve this goal.


Open, democratic decision-making

We are committed to a representative and direct democratic structure, where each idea is considered and voted upon by representatives who have been elected by the membership. This principle is reflected in all of our governing documents.

For more information on our structure, click here.


Accountable and transparent

We are committed to being accountable and transparent to our membership. We are the only group on campus to publish the minutes of all of our Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings and commission meetings online. We also publish an Executive Report each month so you can see what we are working on. Our bylaws, policies, budgets, audits, annual reports, and minutes are all available on our website.

For more information on our governing and financial documents, check out the footer at the bottom of each page.


Accessible, inclusive, participatory democracy

We are committed to being an organization where all the decisions are made from the ground up. We have general members’ commission meetings each month where each of our members have a vote. Everything from our budget to what our campaign priorities will be is decided at these meetings. Additionally, our Board of Directors meetings are open to any member to attend and observe.

For more information on our structure, click here.


Equitable, anti-oppression internal framework

We are committed to operating in a manner that is inclusive and equitable for all participants. We are committed to making accommodations for members who require them to participate in our processes and encourage a diversity of participants from a variety of experiences in all that we do. We are also committed to making the structural changes that may be necessary to better represent members of marginalized communities.


Commitment to equity

We are committed to the principles of equity and to operating in an anti-oppression framework. It is our belief that we need to tackle issues of oppression and discrimination head-on in order to change these issues on our campus and in our society. There are significant systemic inequalities in our society that affect the way students from different classes, social backgrounds, race, gender, abilities and other social identifiers access post-secondary education. We are committed to working towards eliminating systemic barriers in our society.


Commitment to social and political representation

We are committed to representing our membership so that we may carry out our mission statement to “engage in discussion with municipal, provincial and national governments on issues that affect the University of Toronto student community”. We recognize that our members are not just students, but commuters, parents, workers and members of society who are affected by more than just education policy. We know that our members’ ability to access education is affected by social policy that is connected to their lives in all sorts of ways. We are committed to ensuring political representation for our membership to improve their lives.


Respect and support for sister organizations

The University of Toronto is a big place, and we are proud to be a part of a system where students have self-organized into many different organizations to suit varying needs. We have the utmost respect for our sister student organizations at all campuses, colleges and faculties. We are committed to collaboration when it suit each of our needs and respect that each organization is an autonomous entity.

For more information on our sister organizations, click here.


Solidarity and Collaboration

We are committed to working with different organizations, both on-campus and off, to support our broad and ambitious mission. We recognize that, even as an organization of approximately 50,000 members, we are more likely to be successful in our appeals to various levels of government and the public if we combine our efforts with like-minded organizations.



We are an organization that is constantly improving. Our governing documents are living documents that are subject to change each year based on the wishes of the membership. If you have an idea or want to change the way that something works, please submit your feedback here. We’ll show you how to make sure your idea is considered.



Our mandate is three-fold:


1. Advocacy – We advocate and lobby on behalf of our members to improve the quality of and access to education, and to protect our rights.

2. Enhance the Student Experience – We work to build community on- and off-campus, organize great events and support campus groups that meet academic, political, religious and social needs.

3. Provide Cost-saving Services – We offer members services to save money, like health & dental plans, income tax clinics, discounted metropasses and more.


Check out our Annual Reports from the past couple years below to see more of what we do.

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