January 27th Board Meeting

Summary of the 13th Board of Directors Meeting

Friday January 27th, 2017 | 14:00

IB Room 380, University of Toronto Mississauga



The thirteenth meeting of the board of directors comprised of accepting the resignation of a board member, a presentation on the Health and Dental financial report, and appointing Board members to fill vacant positions on various Board committees.

Agenda Item 4: Acceptance of Resignation

The Board accepted the resignation of Nicholas Grant, New College Director.

Agenda Item 8: Presentation: Financial Report 2015/16 Health and Dental Plan

The Health and Dental Coordinator, Maria Pilar Galvez, presented the financial report for the 2016-2017 Health and Dental plan.

The health and dental financial report can be found on the UTSU website at http://www.utsu.ca/financials/#audits

Agenda Item 5: Committee Vacancies

Board members are appointed to fill vacant positions on the following committees: the Accessibility Committee, the Campaigns and Advocacy Committee, the Clubs Committee, the Finance Committee, the Bylaws and Policies Committee, the Services Committee, the Elections and Referenda Committee, and the Outreach Committee.

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