Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our New Website!

Hi U of T!

Welcome to our new website. It’s the culmination of 6 months of work from 4 incredibly talented U of T students and our own Graphics Designer. It’s important to employ U of T students — it’s a commitment that I hope the UTSU will continue to make and expand on in future! A few of the new features are located below — I invite you to check it out. If you’ve got any questions or feedback please send me an email at vpinternal@utsu.ca.

Enjoy the new site,

Mathias Memmel

Vice-President Internal
University of Toronto Students’ Union
http://www.utsu.ca | (416) 978-4911 x240 | 12 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON, M5S 3J9

Key and new features:

  • Governing Documents: This page now includes the purpose of and amendment procedures for each of the UTSUs governing documents.
  • Finances: The Finances page now includes details about each of the fees that the UTSU collects on the behalf of other organizations. This includes opt-out information. The page also includes a document with the projected revenues for each fee. Monthly Profit and Loss Statements are also included.
  • Services Page: This page includes all UTSU services in an aesthetically pleasing way. It also allows for a search function to best connect people to specific services.
  • Events Page: The Events Page is automatically populated using Facebook Events posted by the UTSU, UTSU Commissions, UTSU Clubs as well service deadlines that can be added manually. As part of the recognition process, clubs add their Facebook Pages to their applications. The code takes the URL and then traverses each page for events and automatically adds them to the calendar. The page allows website visitors to toggle events by type and view them in a calendar and list view. Eventually a weekly “what’s happening at U of T view will also be added. I hope that the new page encourages web traffic which will translate to better attendance at events posted here.
  • Clubs Page: The Clubs Page now includes condensed information about the clubs recognition, services, and funding processes. The page also includes an updated clubs gallery. Visitors can toggle clubs by type and alphabetically. There also is a search function. When a visitor selects a club, they’re automatically able to access the Club’s contact information, description, and social media accounts.
  • Resource Page: The resource page includes all Affiliated Student Societies and will eventually contain U of T, Community and UTSU resources. The search function will allow someone to search “Mental Wellness” and then immediately see all imputed resources relating to this query; examples include U of T’s Health and Wellness Center, the UTSU Health and Dental Plan as well as community resources such as Good2Talk.
  • Blog: The blog function will replace the Board Summaries blog and will allow the UTSU an additional medium to communicate with students in a less-formal setting. It can include features on events, updates on advocacy initiatives, and explanations to members about the UTSU. It can accommodate text and integrated video.
  • Integrated Store: The UTSU Online Store will be moved over from the current Shopify store to the website. This will allow members to purchase and interact with services, like the Good Food Box as well as event tickets and UTSU merchandise from within the website providing both cost-savings to UTSU and a seamless interface for visitors. It remains a possibility for items to be added to the Store on the behalf of clubs and other student groups.

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