2017 Federal Advocacy Asks: Indigenous Students

2017 Federal Advocacy Asks: Indigenous Students

The UTSU believes that Indigenous students should have adequate funding to be able to acquire post-secondary education. The Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) offers financial assistance to Indigenous students enrolled in post-secondary programs, however, the chronic underfunding of the program has left an estimated backlog of over 10,000 students that do not receive funding and are waitlisted. This is increasing the post-secondary education attainment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. The UTSU is concerned that there is only a two-year commitment to additional funding to the PSSSP.

We recommend that during their funding reform process the federal government consult with Indigenous student groups at institutions hosting high rates of PSSSP users.

Institutions that want to do reconciliation efforts should be able to access funding to do so. The UTSU is concerned, however, that reconciliation efforts are not being prioritized due to insufficient funding at universities.

We recommend that the Federal Government creates a multi-million dollar grant that institutions can access for the purpose of reconciliation initiatives on their campuses.

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