Canadian Research institutions have potential to be globally competitive with more research opportunities for students, and more jobs. However, Canada falls behind the United States in providing reimbursement of indirect costs of research in Canada. For Canada to remain a global leader of solving the world’s most urgent issues, our labs need funding.

Dr. David Naylor, former President of the University of Toronto, chaired an advisory panel for the state of research in Canada, which released a final report on April 10th, 2017. Informally known as the Naylor report, the panel found that the government’s contribution to fundamental research has flatlined over the past 10 years, so undergraduate program tuition fees are ultimately the main source for funding. The report then highlights steps the government can take to improve the slightly eroding state of fundamental scientific research in Canada. For more details on these suggestions, you can read the report below.

The University of Toronto, as a leader in Canada for Fundamental Research, supports the suggestions outlined in the Naylor report. More support from the Canadian government will relieve some of the burden placed on undergraduate students by onerous tuition fees.

In order to make this report, and the suggestions therein, a reality, you can #supportthereport by sharing on social media why Canadian research is important to you. We’ll also have postcards at UTSU’s Got You that we’ll be sending to local MPP’s in support of the Naylor report suggestions. Fill one out and be a voice for change and innovation in Canadian science and scholarly inquiry.

Read the report: http://www.sciencereview.ca/eic/site/059.nsf/eng/home 

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