Laptop Ban Postcards

In about 35 undergraduate courses, professors have banned the use of laptops to take lecture notes. Our position is that laptop bans are unimaginative, inaccessible, and unfair. They’re an indication of a resistance to change, an inability of some academics to adapt and self-reflect in their teaching style, and a paternalistic response to underdeveloped study habits.

We support giving students the agency to choose how they learn and if they choose to use a laptop, that they’re able to without being forced to disclose a disability. We support academic staff introducing interactive learning that makes use of technology in the classroom and that holds the attention of students. Finally we support multi-modal options for learning in the classroom and flexible design of space and curriculum delivery, including lecture slides/notes and recordings.

This has lead us to develop the NO to the Laptop Ban campaign. We have bright, visible stickers that students can add to their laptops as an act of defiance. We also have postcards, which include a form letter asking instructors to lift the ban, that students can anonymously send to their instructor through campus mail. Finally, we’re preparing a lobbying strategy for course unions and student societies to lobby relevant figures in their department’s administration to take a stance against the ban.

Download the post cards here.