Welcome (back!) to the University of Toronto


My name is Anne Boucher, and I’m the President of the University of Toronto Students’ Union. The UTSU is the central student government of all full-time undergraduate students. We advocate for students at the administrative and government levels for U of T students’ specific needs, and provide services such as the Health & Dental plan, Student Commons student centre, income services, and more.


If you’re new to the university, let me tell you this: your experience at the University of Toronto will be what you make of it. You will not be guided by anyone toward any specific path, community, or opportunity. This may sound sharp, but in reality, we are afforded the opportunity to pave our own path. Communities exist throughout colleges, faculties, and clubs. Opportunities hide in every corner. If you actively seek them out, you can have a rich, fulfilling, and invaluable experience in your time here.


That said, the UTSU strives to ensure that this potential–for the best university experience possible–exists. We all face different barriers as students, and tackling these is one of our main priorities.

I know many of you may not trust the concept of student governments to begin with. That’s okay–the hope is that our team’s work will help change this perception. That said, the doors are always open for conversations, feedback, criticism, and questions. I know that saying “the doors are always open” has become a bit of a cliché, but I really do mean it. We can do effective, meaningful work together.


Yours in service,

Anne Boucher


University of Toronto Students’ Union

president@utsu.ca | 416-978-4911 x223


VP Operations | Tyler Biswurm

VP University Affairs | Joshua Grondin

VP External Affairs | Yuli Liu

VP Equity | Ammara Wasim

VP Student Life | Yolanda Alfaro

VP Professional Faculties | Yasmine El Sanyoura