Blue Crew (Winter Term) – NOW FULL

Enrolment in the Blue Crew program is now full. Please check back at a later date.

Email for all further inquiries.

Show school spirit. Engage in your community. Make lasting friendships.

What is Blue Crew?

The Blue Crew is a group of students who actively participate in their community. Through UTSU’s Blue Crew Program develop vital skills that will help you grow as an individual, make connections with others and engage in meaningful ways. Volunteer within the campus community and participate in the activities of your students’ union. The more you volunteer the greater your reward.

How does the program work?

You can either join for a term (either fall or winter) or for the academic year (September-April).

For a term:

-the commitment is 20 hours minimum
-on-campus activities only

For the academic year:

-the commitment is 40 hours minimum
-on and off campus activities

UTSU finds the volunteer opportunities for you

Once you join the program you will be sent regular updates on what is happening and you have an opportunity to pick and choose what works for you within your schedule.

How do I reserve a training spot?

Students register on line with Blue Crew, attach a resume and provide a short covering letter. Explain why you want to join a volunteer program and what you hope to get out of it. Training is open to anyone who is interested in participating and you will have the opportunity to hear from some of our partners in terms of Blue Crew volunteer opportunities for this upcoming school year.

There may be additional trainings/orientations:

– When you participate in food programming
– When you get involved with an external organization
– When there is a large scale event

And, we’ll offer some social programming along the way so that you can meet other Blue Crew participants and start networking.

What types of things do Blue Crew volunteers do?

UTSU runs services and events, does outreach and provides advocacy for students. We always need assistance in these initiatives. From our Vegan Breakfast program to our Frost Week programming, were always working to serve and engage with students. Our off campus partners include Evangel Hall, Gilda’s of Greater Toronto, St. Felix Centre, St. Basil’s Church. Each organization offers a different experience for students.

Program Completion

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Blue Crew certificate and your experience will be noted on your Co-curricular Record.