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A Banner that reads Club Nights in turquoise text with a blue clack ground. Illustrations of people having a good time are found across the bottom.
COVID-19 has changed so much – but amazing clubs on campus are still finding ways to make great things happen. Many have moved to online events. To support clubs, the UTSU has organized Club Nights, where a cross-section of clubs give short presentations to share who they are, what they did in their first semester, what they have planned, and how more students can get involved.


We’ve hosted two of these events so far, and they’ve been well received by attendees and the presenting clubs. There are two more events coming up. They are scheduled for February 12 at 7:30pm and February 26 at 7:30pm and will feature a variety of clubs from different disciplines. We hope that you’ll join us for these events and learn more about the many varied and interesting clubs that help make student life at the St. George campus so great. More importantly, we hope you’ll get involved!

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Highlights from these events have included the Astronomy and Space Exploration Society, who  hosted a short quiz on whether or not you’d survive in space (odds are you wouldn’t), the Polish Students’ Association highlighting all the great events they do that are open to everyone (even if you’re not Polish), Bikechain explaining the great services they offer to those looking to ride a bicycle at an affordable price (a great way to be green and stay in shape), and 180 Degrees Consulting showcasing the ways you can get involved in the field of consulting (especially if you aren’t in the usual fields that lead to consulting).

Come join a club!