Resources for Clubs

Clubs Printing

Your group is allotted:
1,000 credits for the Fall and Winter sessions (September-May) and
500 credits for the summer session (May-September).

Printing Credit Costs:
• Black & white 8.5’’ x 11’’ = 1 credit each
• Black & white 8.5” x 14” or 11” x 17” = 2 credits each
• Colour 8.5’’ x 11’’ = 2 credits each
• Colour 8.5” x 14” or 11” x 17” = 4 credits each

In order to access this service, bring a USB stick with your files or a hard copy to our office and our staff will assist you. For large print jobs of 100 copies or more, we ask that you submit your originals and return the next day to pick up the copies. Smaller print jobs can be completed while you wait.

Clubs Box Office (Sell tickets through UTSU)

In order to provide a central hub for clubs to sell tickets for their events, the UTSU will assist in the facilitation of ticket sales through the UTSU Front Desk and Mobile Kiosk.
Click here to download the Clubs ticket policy for more information.

Resource Bank (Borrow stuff)

Launched in 2016, the resource bank allows student societies and clubs to borrow items from the UTSU for free or for the cost of the materials consumed. These items range from tables to charging stations, and various other audio items. Any UTSU recognized club, student society, levy group, and/or course union may borrow these items by making an advanced booking and deposit. The items may be picked up and returned during the UTSU’s hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm), and must be returned in clean and working condition, on time.


Rental Form (click here)



The resource bank is an efficient service that allows the UTSU to share items with student groups in a way that will be cost and space efficient for the groups.


A central service such as the resource bank allows for an item(s) to be shared and reused by various groups rather than being purchased by multiple, which effectively reduces waste.


Purchasing expensive items that will be used minimally can be financially-straining for student groups. The resource bank allows groups to enjoy these items as often as they’d like for a reduced cost, which will save them money.


Booking form must be submitted to the UTSU before the date of booking.


Payment and deposit can be made by credit card or cheque. Credit card information may be submitted directly on the booking forms. Cheques must be delivered to the office.


Popcorn Machine (1 available)
The easy-to-use popcorn machine includes 24 portions of popcorn and butter, and 1000 popcorn bags. The supplies are included in the cost of rental.


DSLR Camera (2 available)
The DSLR camera takes high-definition pictures and videos, has multiple options for settings, and comes with a variety of lenses, a battery charger, a battery pack, wide strap, interface cable, and software.


Photobooth (1 available)
The photobooth is always the main attraction of any event, especially when they print pictures that your attendees can keep as a memory! The photobooth is efficient for you and your guests- rather than waiting in line, attendees have to simply Tweet or Instagram a picture with your event’s hashtag and it will be printed for them (with the caption so they remember your group!)


Electric Battery Pack (3 available)
The battery pack is a powerful 11lb handheld unit that has high power with 2000W rated output and 4600W peak power and 3 AC outlets. Two battery packs will be provided upon rental, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Coffee Urns (4 available)
The coffee urn can make up to 100 cups of coffee, has an easy-to-read coffee level indicator, is designed for hands-free dispensing, is easy to use and clean, and has an automatic keep warm feature that ensures fresh coffee at any time!


Projectors (8 available)
The portable WiFi projector is multi-functional and built with an Android operation system, which allows you to install apps, browse websites, and more! The display size ranges from 4.95ft to 9.32ft, and supports five different formats.


PA Systems (2 available)
The speakers can be borrowed in a package that also comes with a mixer, two microphones, and cords. The Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I speakers can be digitally connected to an iPod/iPhone, has SPX digital reverb built in, and is a 1-Knob Master EQ.


Movie Screen (1 available)
The 120-inch portable movie theatre screen can project movies both outdoors and indoors. The stand-alone Oxford-nylon screen and frame is easy to set up and take down with the instructions provided. The screen and carrying case are very heavy – it is recommended that two or more people pick up the item.


Food Warming Trays (8 available)
Food warming trays are available for rent. The warming frames, aluminum trays, lighters, and the butane warmers are included in the rental!


Water Coolers (12 available)
These water coolers hold up to 5 Gallons (~19L) of liquid with lids for easy filling and spigots for easy pouring.


Barbeques (2 available)
Barbeques are available seasonally and weather-permitting for rent and use on the lawn of the UTSU office on weekdays between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Cooking tools, lighters and propane are included in the cost of the rental. Food safety and use is the responsibility of the group renting the Barbeque.


Gas-powered Generators (2 coming soon)
These 7000-Watt remote start portable generators can be started from 55-feet away, and uses an OHV engine that is air cooled to ensure strong performance. The generators come with a wheels to make transportation easier.


Button Maker (1 available)
The button maker is the perfect addition to any event- students can design and handcraft their own buttons, or you can pre-make buttons for your event! The machine is easy to use and can make buttons that are 1-½ inch or 2-¼ inch.


Megaphones (2 available)
These lightweight megaphones come in a set of two, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can project within a 1200 yard range. The megaphones have up to 10-seconds of integrated audio memory, 6 audio functions (including talk, siren, and USB/SD modes), and has a built-in SD and USB flash memory card reader. Megaphones come with a rechargeable battery, and each charge lasts up to 16 hours.

Mailboxes (We can be your mailbox)

Your club can address expected mail to our office. The address is:
12 Hart House Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 3J9
If you are addressing mail to our office, please be sure to check your mailbox at least once per week – space is limited.

Important: Please have your mail addressed to a club name and not an individual.

Clubs Bulletin (Be part of our advertising emails)

We send out regular e-bulletins advertising your events to the clubs community. Your club can submit content for this listserv to help advertise your events and programs.
Send your content to

Insurance Coverage (We cover you)

We offer free insurance certificates for your club’s events if you require them. Not all events are eligible for coverage. To request an insurance certificate, or to check the eligibility of your event, please fill out the insurance certificate request form by clicking here a minimum of two weeks prior to the event

Safe Space & Accessibility Training

If you would like to have a presentation/workshop hosted for your club to ensure your club is a safe space and to receive training on how to throw accessible and equitable events, please contact the Vice-President Equity at to request a time and date.

Consultation (Help with creating your club)

If your club needs assistance with drafting your constitution or planning an event, we’re here for you. Send an email to to make an appointment.

Personalized, Ethically-made Swag

Your clubs can purchase products from the UTSU at any time throughout the year. All the materials are ethically-made, sustainably-made and sweatshop-free. This includes T-shirts, bags, pens, buttons, lanyards, notebooks, clipboards, mugs and more. These materials can be customized with your own artwork.
If you wish to make an order, contact or call 416-978-4911 ext. 224.

Retractable Nimlock Banner

We can print a banner for you to promote your club!

Artwork Specifications:
• Artwork is to be provided in pdf or native .ai format.
• Artwork must be high resolution and in vector format
• 33.5 width x 81 height inches. (0.125 in. bleed)
• Printed on tear and curl resistant vinyl
• Retractable banner with canister: 
33.5 × 81 inches (0.125 in. bleed) for $169 + HST = $190.97
• Includes delivery

To order a banner come to our office, fill out a request form and pay the appropriate fee. You will be given instruction on uploading your artwork to our Dropbox account. Takes approximately 10 business days.
Email for more information.

Hanging/draped Banner

• Size: 5×3 (60 x 36 inches) $79.10 includes tax and delivery
• Size: 6×3 (72 x 36 inches) $84.75 includes tax and delivery
• Size: 6×4 in size (72 x 48 inches) $90.40 includes tax and delivery
• Can have 4 grommets (one in each corner). No stand. Made of vinyl material.
• Artwork is to be provided in pdf or native .ai format. Artwork must be high resolution and in vector format