The UTSU provides funding and other services to recognized clubs. A recognized club is a student group that has been granted recognition for the current recognition year. Recognized clubs are 1) entitled to apply for funding and 2) entitled to receive all other club services. Clubs Services are governed by the Clubs Policy, as outlined in the Policy Manual.


How does our group become recognized?

You must apply for recognition each year using our recognition form on the landing page. For any questions or concerns, please contact Neeharika Hemrajani, Vice-President Student Life, at

What is the deadline for recognition?

Recognition opens each year on April 1, and closes on March 1 of the next academic year. Approved recognition will last until April 30. No applications will be accepted between March 1 and March 31.

How many members does a group need to have to be eligible for recognition?

To be eligible for recognition, a group must have at least 30 members, 50 percent of which must be UTSU members.

What is a UTSU member?

A UTSU member is defined as any full-time undergraduate student at the St. George or Mississauga campus.

Why does our group need to first be recognized by ULife?

Being recognized by ULife means that you can use “University of Toronto”, or “UofT” in your groups’ name, as well as the ability to book space on St. George campus. These are important rights for a group to have to be established at the University of Toronto.

What are the benefits of recognition?

By being recognized, you can access the UTSU Clubs Services which include:
• Funding
• Skills training sessions
• Membership development
• Free photocopying and printing
• Event planning, budgeting, and constitution consultation
• Mailing address and mail collection
• Free barbecue, coffee urn, water barrel rentals
• Lawn space for barbecues and events
• Promotional services
• Bulk purchasing of t-shirts and other swag
• Event insurance

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How does our club apply for funding?

Application forms for all types of funding are available on Student Services. Once a group logs in with their active UTORid on Student Services account, the club receives UTSU recognition and completes their training, the Funding application will appear in their account. Clubs can then edit, review, and submit the funding application all online through Student Services.

Does our club need a bank account, or can you just write me a cheque?

We cannot issue a cheque to an individual. You must have a bank account in the your groups’ name, with at least two signing officers on the account. To open a bank account, you need to request a letter of recognition from the ULife Campus Groups Officer, or from the UTSU Clubs and Service Groups Coordinator once you have received UTSU clubs recognition.

If you would like to request a letter from the UTSU, please send the following info to
-Full name of club
-Full name and position of signing officers to be added to the account (minimum 2 individuals)
-Name, and address of bank

How do we update our club information?

Should your contact information change at any time, you can update this information easily through Student Services. Log in to your Student Services account and edit your “Club Information Form”, found in settings. It is vital that we have the most up to date contact email for your group, as most important notices are delivered via email.