UTSU Commissions

UTSU Commissions are one way to get involved with your Students’ Union, by shaping the UTSU’s campaigns and events.  Membership is open to all full-time undergraduate students.  

There are seven UTSU Commissions:

Academic & Student Rights Commission

Protect student rights, and build a strong and empowered campus community
Contact: vpua@utsu.ca

  • University Governance
  • Academic Policies
  • Student Rights
  • Grade Appeals
Campus Life Commission
Build  a strong student life and campus community
Contact: vpcampuslife@utsu.ca

  • School Spirit
  • Showcasing Clubs
  • Cultural Events
  • Week of Welcome
  • Clubs Formal and Awards
Community Action Commission
Be the change you want to see in the world
Contact: vpexternal@utsu.ca

  • Reduce tuition fees
  • Transit & Housing
  • Community Engagement
  • Keeping Education Public
Social Justice and Equity Commission*
Build a more inclusive university experience for everyone
Contact: vpequity@utsu.ca

  • Actively challenging/ resisting oppressive structures off and on campus
  • Local and Global Issues
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Building Inclusivity
Sustainability Commission
Let’s create a more sustainable, environmentally just world
Contact: sustainability@utsu.ca

  • Food Security
  • Public Transit
  • Campus Agriculture
  • Access to Tap Water
  • Emissions Reductions
International Students Commission
Let’s put international students FIRST. How can UofT feel like home?
Contact: internationalstudents@utsu.ca

  • Ensure that the rights of international students are respected;
  • Advocate for the needs of international students, both on campus and in our broader community; and
  • Organize events and programming for the U of T’s international student community
Mental Wellness Commission
Let’s start a conversation about everyone’s mental health on campus.
Contact: mentalwellness@utsu.ca

  • Promote mental wellness initiatives on campus;
  • Disseminate information about mental health resources;
  • Advocate for improvements to mental wellness services on our campuses

*The SJ&E Commission has 7 sub-commissions chaired by each of our General Equity Directors (GEDs):

  • Indigenous Sub-Commission
  • LGBQ Sub-Commission
  • Poverty Sub-Commission
  • Racialized Sub-Commission
  • Students with Disabilities Sub-Commission
  • Trans Sub-Commission
  • Women’s Sub-Commission

Professional Faculties Commission
Advocate for Professional Faculties students to the UTSU and the University:
Contact: vppf@utsu.ca

  • Advocating for Profac student needs
  • Running events for Profac students
  • Making UTSU events and campaigns accessible to Profac students
  • Collaborating with Student Societies