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Headshots plus names and titles of the Executive Committee: Alexa Ballis, President; Fiona Reuter, Vice-President, Operations; Maria Lin, Vice-President, Student Life; Reva Aggarwal, Vice-President, Equity; Ruoheng (Cathy) Wang Vice-President, Professional Faculties


Alexa Ballis

Throughout my time at UofT, I’ve noticed how much students are struggling and I want to help in any way that I can. If elected, I promise to work tirelessly for you to make the UTSU, and UofT, more accessible, transparent, and proactive. My platform addresses academics, student life, mental health, equity, sustainability, and more. Additionally, my previous experience as VUSAC President taught me a lot about running an organization, and I hope to apply what I have learned to best support all UofT students. For more information about my plans and experience, please visit!


Vice-President, Operations

Fiona Reuter

Hi UofT! As Finance Chair of the UTSU this year, I’ve seen firsthand how the UTSU needs to do better to serve students. I believe I have the experience, drive, and ideas to help make it so. As VP Operations, I’m hoping to launch student budget consultations so that we are more financially transparent, change our Health & Dental plan to increase mental health coverage and prioritize faster refunds, and ensure a Student Commons transition that prioritizes accessibility and spaces for club use. To learn more about my platform, please visit or reach out any time!


Vice-President, Student Life

Maria Lin

Over the past three years, I have been an active member of the Student Life Community committed to fostering connections and creating shared experiences. As the executive assistant of Student Life at UTSU, I launched the Club Digest initiative to build effective communication channels between clubs and students. I’m also an executive at three clubs, through which I have learned to listen to and appreciate the needs of student organizations. My experiences combined with my passion will allow me to excel as your VPSL. I am dedicated to Communicate, Advocate, Resonate, and Elevate our student life experiences because I CARE.


Vice-President, Equity

Reva Aggarwal

I’m really excited to be running for Vice-President Equity! I have taken on several leadership roles during my first two years at UofT including SMC Orientation leader and treasurer for the SMC Troubadours. In the time of COVID and online learning, students are trying their hardest to keep up with the classes and social life despite their different backgrounds, time zones and home situations. If elected, I will make sure that UofT students, wherever they may be, are able to get the support they need to thrive in university. Please check out the link below to learn about my campaign.


Vice-President, Professional Faculties

Ruoheng Wang

Hey! My name is Ruoheng (Cathy) Wang. I am a ECE 2T4 running for Vice President Professional Faculties with the purpose of making the entire UTSG campus community better. I will aim to open up more Co-Op opportunities, create a Cr/NCr option and expand the existing mental health resources. Having served as the first-year representative and been on the Mental Health Task Force Committee, I have ensured that my constituents’ voices are heard, and their concerns are addressed. If elected, I promise to continue bringing up more help and make myself accessible to everyone. Vote for Ruoheng Wang!


Director, University College

Easha Khan

Hey UC! I’m Easha, and I’m running to be a Board Director for University College. As a Student Representative, I want to advocate for you, address your concerns, and help your voice be heard by standing with you. Being part of UTSU will allow me to fulfill that role. To be a union, we need support, courage, and dependability, which I can bring to you as a friend, peer and student. My goal is to have UTSU be connected with UC, allowing more online events and awareness about mental health and movements. I will always be working hard for you.

Muskan Nagra

My name is Muskan and I’m running to be one of your UC Directors. I love being part of a college which places a high emphasis on accessibility, inclusivity, and community. This school year has challenged us in unexpected ways and we have had to tap into resources we were unclear about or did not know were available. One of my goals if I am elected is to ensure that these resources are available in an accessible and transparent way to all those entering. In this role, I have come to realize the divide between international and domestic students. I


Director, St. Michael’s College

Rayan Alim

No statement provided.

Cianna Choo

My name is Cianna. I have served as the Orientation Coordinator, the Vice President of Academics, and currently as the President of the St. Michael’s College Student Union. As a Director, I hope to strengthen communication between SMC and the UofT community. I recognize that most SMC students are not concentrated on our campus, so I want to promote how organizations like SMCSU, Mentorship, and the clubs can work with the UTSU to create supports, write letters, and make changes at the University. I am passionate about building relationships with groups outside of SMC so we can reach more students. 

David D’Aversa

Hi everyone, David here. I am an environmentalist, activist, and feminist. I will keep this short and sweet: Vote for me and I promise to fight for your rights and make your voice heard. It’s that simple. Policy Priorities: Student mental health advocacy & administrative accountability. I am not here because this position “looks good on a resume”, but because I’m passionate about changing UofT for the better of all students. If elected, I promise to strengthen mental health support, cut tuition costs during COVID-19, and advocate for fair textbook prices. I humbly ask for your support. Vote D’AVERSA.


Director, New College

Ramtin Taramsari

Over the past two years, it’s been a privilege to serve the constituents of New college as a division 1 director on the UTSU. As such, I am hoping to have the opportunity to continue my active involvement in student affairs, activities, and advocating for those whom I represent. I greatly value the student experience and strive to improve it as much as possible, for as many students as possible. If re-elected, I promise to serve with both honesty and confidence. Above all else, I cannot wait to have the pleasure to continue engaging with you all. Thank you! 


Director, Innis College

Elad Dekel

As the representative for Innis College,  I will ensure that we have a seat at the table, and our voices are heard in all UTSU decisions. Having been on the ICSS last year, I am both familiar and will coordinate with them in order to actively campaign to bring about changes that the Innis community is passionate about. If elected as Innis representative I will not rest until our University is held accountable for the consequences of decisions it makes in “the students’ best interests”. Together, we will take a stand on issues pertaining to mental health and online learning.

Director, Life Sciences

Katherine Jung 

Hey y’all, I’m Katherine Jung and I’m the current 2020-21 Life Sci Director! I’ve had such an amazing time this year and I’m running for re-election! My platform is made up of 4 major components: 1) Student Engagement, 2) Academic Advocacy, 3) Mental Health Advocacy and 4) Opportunities! You can learn more about my platform & past experiences at: and follow @voteforkatherinejung on Instagram for updates. If you want to check out one of the major initiatives I did this year, take a look at @utsu.lifesci (which I started) on Instagram too!


Director, Social Sciences

Victoria Liu

Hi everyone! I am running to represent your voices and needs. Good mental health is paramount. Online school during a pandemic is stressful. I am looking for ways to reduce students’ workloads, create peer supports, and increase funds for counselling. I will also dedicate to increase financial support for tuitions and transportation fees. Finally, I am committed to enhance your professional and extracurricular experiences. This includes creating networking events, and develop partnerships—for internship/Co-op— reserved for U of T students. Please visit the Facebook page to learn more about why I am running. Thank you! 


Director, Rotman Commerce

Roshawn Jamasi

Hi, I’m Roshawn and I am running to be YOUR representative on the UTSU! A key responsibility of the Rotman Commerce Director is to meet with RCSA and collaborate on initiatives, including those pertaining to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) to improve our community. However, because I ALREADY AM the incoming Director of EDI, I have established a relationship with RCSA and am obviously very familiar with whatever initiatives the Director of EDI is doing (because that’s me!). With this added efficiency, coupled with my deep passion and my strong commitment, I am confident I can serve you with excellence.


Director, Humanities

Jessie Wu

Hello! My name is Jessie. As Humanities Director, I aim to advocate for student concerns, such as improving mental health accessibility services and Humanities career-oriented opportunities through pushing initiatives to be heard by the UTSU. I am also passionate about events; this year, I have hosted game nights, a speed friending event, and Instagram giveaways through my position as the Events Chair on UTSU’s First Year Council. I plan to host more events in the future—some ideas include movie nights and a Humanities-oriented club fair! You can reach me on Facebook or @j.wu48 on Instagram.


Director, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Sheral Kumar

Hi, my name is Sheral and I am a third-year Engineering Science student. I am passionate about advocating for Engineering students and would be honored to represent you in the student union. Over the past year I served as Mental Wellness Project Director in the Engineering Society. In this role, I fought for systemic changes to address major student concerns, including convincing the Faculty to invest in student mental health by creating a sustainable Mental Wellness Bursary. If elected as Engineering Director, I will continue to advocate for you and SKULE throughout the UofT community.

Nelson Lee

No statement provided.

Neo Lou

Hey there! I’m Neo Lou (EngSci 2T4) and I’m running for Engineering Director! As Representative, I will vote on things that YOU, Engineers, care about. I will listen to your opinions, and I will make sure that Engineers have a voice in decisions that will affect our academic and social life. If elected, I will: 1) Reach out through surveys and discussions to understand what YOU care about. 2) Collect feedback from clubs, design teams and student organizations. 3) Send out a “Meeting Summary” after every meeting to update you about important decisions. Thanks for reading and vote Neo Lou!


Director, Professional Faculties-at-large

Maria Ebeid

This year, I have learned how to set goals and advocate on behalf of students from being a part of the First Year Council and a Women in Science and Engineering Ambassador. These roles allowed me to enhance my knowledge on the importance of advocating for others and the importance of communication, perseverance, and student engagement. My goals as a board director are to provide more coordination to faculty advocacy, create initiatives to aid students of various faculties, ensure better accessibility, and help create a positive and welcoming environment for students.


Remaining Constituencies

1x Trinity College Director (election administered by Trinity College)

2x Victoria College Director (election administered  by Victoria College)

3x Woodsworth College Director (election administered by Woodsworth College)

1x KPE Director (election administered by KPE)

1x Music Director (election administered by Music)

1x Architecture & Visual Studies Director (election administered by Architecture & Visual Studies)

1x Law Director (election administered by Law)

1x Nursing Director (election administered by Nursing)

1x Pharmacy Director (election administered by Pharmacy)

1x Medicine Director (election administered by Medicine)

1x Dentistry Director (election administered by Dentistry)

1x Theology Director (election administered by Theology )



Vice-President, Public & University Affairs

Director, New College (two seats)

Director, Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Director, Computer Science

Director, Transitional Year Programme

Director, Professional Faculties-at-large