Spring 2024 Elections & Referenda

Nomination Period: Thursday February 15th, 2024 at 9:00am to Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 5:00pm;

Silent Period Begins: Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 5:01pm to Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at 8:59am;

All Candidates Meeting: Monday, February 26, 2024 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm;

Campaigning Period: Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at 9:00am to Thursday, March 7th, 2024 at 5:00pm;

Voting Period: Monday, March 4th, 2024 9:00am to Thursday, March 7th, 2024 at 5:00pm.

Referendum from the University of Toronto Student’s Union to increase the Student Aid Program levy


The University of Toronto Student’s Union (UTSU) understands that students are experiencing an unprecedented affordability crisis. To help mitigate that issue, we offer financial assistance through the Student Aid Program (SAP), allowing students to request up to 500 dollars for their housing, transit, academic, and other needs. Through three previously approved referenda, UTSU members now contribute $3.00 per semester to fund the SAP. This program has been highly successful, timely, and well-used by U of T students. To continue serving the student body and meet the current demand for financial aid, we request that the levy be increased to $5.00 per semester.



Do you agree to a $2.00 per semester increase to the Student Aid Program (SAP) levy, resulting in a fee of $5.00 per semester for each UTSU member beginning in Fall 2024, in order to help make education more affordable, equitable, and accessible to all?

– Yes

– No

Referendum from the Sexual Education Centre (SEC) to increase the SEC levy


The University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre (SEC) has operated since 1976 to provide students with access to safer sex supplies and information about sex and sexuality. We offer students and the wider community free condoms, personal lubricant, and menstrual supplies, and provide education about consent, pleasure, contraceptives, and more through in-office peer education and presentations in the community. In 1996, we secured a $0.25 per semester levy from UTSU members, which has not increased in the 25+ years since. To continue serving the student body, and to meet current demand for menstrual products and condoms, we request a levy increase to $0.75 per semester, adjusted annually in accordance with the Ontario Consumer Price Index.


Do you agree to a $0.50 per semester increase to the University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre (SEC) levy, resulting in a fee of $0.75 per semester for each UTSU member beginning in Fall 2024, adjusted annually in accordance with the Ontario Consumer Price Index?

– Yes

– No

  • Anna Xiao: Violation of ERC-006 – 28. 3 demerits issued on Thursday, February 29, 2024
  • Anna Xiao: Violation of ERC-006 – 39. 3 demerits issued on Friday, March 1, 2024
  • Aidan Thompson: Violation of ERC-006 – 45. 3 demerits issued on Monday, March 4, 2024
  • Aviral Dhamija: Violation of ERC-006 #29e & ERC-006 #41. 35 demerits issued on Monday, March 4, 2024
  • Avreet Jagdev: Violation of ERC-006 #35a & ERC-006 #29 b/e. 20 demerits issued on Thursday, March 7, 2024.


Rayan Awad Alim

The UTSU can and MUST better advocate for students. As a Director, I will take an unapologetic stance to ensure accountability to the student population remains a key concern, especially financial & operational transparency. My priorities include cheaper student transit, establishing the Student Commons into a lively student hub and always advocating for equitable & transparent governance while ensuring students are represented and well-consulted in decisions. Having served as a UTSU Board Director, a member of the Arts & Science Governing Council and an exec of multiple campus groups, I have a long track record of championing student voices, being comfortable saying what needs to be said and EFFECTING actual advocacy efforts for students.

Alice Ferguson-O’Brien

My name is Alice Ferguson-O’Brien, and I am running for the UTSU board to ensure that UTSU fights for its students. I will work hard to ensure that UTSU is committed to equity, accessibility, and justice within the institution, and beyond. I have been an organizer/activist for climate justice, rights of disabled people, housing and other social justice issues for six years. I fought loudly and successfully for student inclusion in college governance at Pearson College. I pushed my school in Newfoundland to meaningfully include disabled and neurodivergent students. I am a dedicated member of CJUofT. I promise to be compassionate, and collaborative at the USTU, and to work to strengthen and support open and inclusive student communities.

Richelle Furtado

Hello, my name is Richelle Furtado and I’m a political science and philosophy major! I have a love for all things politics and am running for the UTSU as a director-at-large. I want to work towards cultivating fair representation, equitable resources, and a fun and lively spirit at UTSU. I bring lots of experience, having worked as a senator and representative on various student councils, with the municipal government, and as captain of a rugby team, among other student initiatives. I believe in the power of collective action and pledge to advocate for the rights and well-being of all union members. I will work with the executive team to host social events, collaborate with levies and clubs and ensure every student’s voice is heard!


Noah Goldstein

Hi, my name is Noah. I’m from New York, I’m majoring in Political Science, and I’m part of Vic College. I’m running for Director-at-Large to represent you on the UTSU and help us all get more out of our student union. I have seen how amazing student unions are at other schools, and I know that ours can be offering so much more to UofT’s student body. I’ve sat on the Arts and Science Council, the Committee on Standing, and the Undergraduate Social Sciences Curriculum Committee, and would love to bring my views to the UTSU. Thank you.

Isabella Gouthro

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella Gouthro and I am running to be a Director at Large on the UTSU board this upcoming year. I was elected to this position last year and had the opportunity to sit on the board of directors. I have experience in this role, but more importantly I have a desire to make meaningful change at this university. I hope to do my part in making the UTSU an organization that represents and amplifies the voices of students on campus. If elected I intent to do my best to fight for solidarity and sustainability, and i hope you will consider me for the position!



Jane Lee

Hello everyone! My name is Jane, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Director at Large position in the upcoming 2024-25 election cycle. In the past year, I had the honour of being elected as one of the ten members of the board of directors. During that time, I collaborated closely with the executive members, contributing to the positive impact we made on our organization. I’m eager to continue this journey and bring my dedication and experience to the role of Director at Large again. Thank you so much for considering my candidacy!


Sophia Mitonides

Hi! I’m Sophia and I’m a second year Genetics and Psychology student. I’ve had extensive experience in advocating for students, problem-solving, budget management, and cooperative decision-making, beginning with my student leadership positions in high school and continuing at university as an executive for U of T Capes for Kids. This exemplifies my passion for equity, accessibility, and inclusivity. As a life science student, I’ve developed strong organizational and analytical skills that will aid me in my role as Board Director. In this position I will strive to ensure that the UTSU effectively represents and advocates for the interests and concerns of all U of T students, and improves the quality and accessibility of resources provided.

Diego Moura Panario

My name is Diego Moura Panario and I am a second year studying Political Science. I’m running for the UTSU Board of Directors to hold admin accountable and defend student interests. The UTSU has a lot of potential, and should be a force for good on campus. That can only happen if we elect students with strong track records of success, and on that I can deliver. A vote for Diego for a brighter future!

Roey Stav

Hi folks! I’m a second-year student pursuing a double major in conservation biology and environmental ethics with a certificate in sustainability. I am running to proactively enhance the overall student experience here at UofT. I aim to make UofT a university centred around an excellent student experience on par with its leading academic status. Together, we can make this happen. I am committed to addressing crucial issues that impact our community such as sustainability, mental health, and affordability. I will advocate on your behalf by listening to your input –  making sure your voices are heard. Please reach out with your pressing concerns and ideas through my Instagram @roeystav. Together, let’s transform UofT for the better!

Ron Ulitsky

hello friends! im running for the board because i believe im one of the candidates best suited to make sure the UTSU continues to fulfill its mission. i’ve been on the board for two years and in that time have overseen major bylaw reform, policy overhauls, budget approvals and even a purchase of a house. i want to continue to bring my experience to the board and help lead the other Directors to ensure the Board stays effective, educated and efficient. thanks for reading!

Amareena Saleh

My name is Amareena Saleh, and I’m a third-year student studying Public Policy and Political Science. I’m running for Director-at-Large to hold admin accountable and represent the interests of our diverse student body. I want to prioritize financial and operational
transparency, ensuring students are well-consulted in the decisions that impact them. I believe the student union can do a better job at improving student life on campus, and I want to deliver on that.


Krishi Shah

In 2022, on a 13-hour flight filled with nerves, I embarked on a journey to a country I had never been to. However, with the love and support I received here, UofT soon became my home away from home. As someone passionate about giving back to the UofT community, I strive to be your voice. All of us have dreams and hopes that we bring into UofT, and I want to make it easier by enhancing the university experience for each and every one of you. As your future Director at Large, I will prioritize your concerns and advocate for positive changes on campus. Together, I hope to create a brighter future for the UofT community. Please contact me on my campaign page (Instagram: @krishi4director_large) for any questions or concerns! Thank you!

Musfirah Waqar

As a fellow student, I recognize the many challenges we must navigate as part of such a large community. I’ve had the privilege of working as a Program Assistant with Student Life at the Multi-Faith Centre and being part of multiple student clubs. These experiences have not only shown me the challenges students face but also taught me the importance of sharing meaningful dialogue and ensuring every voice is heard. I am dedicated to advocating for safety and inclusion on campus and prioritizing mental health resources. Additionally, I aim to secure more resources and support for student clubs to enhance student life. I look forward to amplifying your voices and advocating for your needs!

Lilah Williamson

Hi UofT! I’m running for Director-at-Large because I want to ensure that the UTSU is acting in the best interest of students at all times. UofT has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to student life and climate action, and I think the UTSU can play a major role in that. I can leverage my significant leadership and student government experience, including being the youth representative on the board of a large museum, to effectively direct the UTSU in their operations. As a Director-at-Large, I would put in the time and effort to ensure that student fees are being put toward projects that will actually improve student life and make UofT a more accessible, equitable, and environmentally sustainable institution.

Instagram: @lilah4utsu

Daisy Zhao

Hi UofT, I’m a first-year student studying Philosophy and Political Science with a certificate in Sustainability! My campaign focuses on 3 aspects that I consider essential to the role of a Director-at-large. (1) Awareness (2) Transparency (3) Active Communication. Directors vote on policy proposals from the President and VPs that influence your university experience. I want to bridge the disconnect between students and the UTSU by being fully transparent about monthly Director Board meetings and opening the floor to input in online debrief discussions. My vision is an organization that meets you where you are, fulfills your needs, and seeks you out, not the other way around. Check out my campaign at @vote_daisyzhao on Instagram!

Jake Barton

I’m running to be your UTSU President so I can deliver a ‘New Deal’ for students. That means investing in services that benefit you every day; improving campus life by increasing supports to clubs and students; pressuring the university for fairer academic practices and to truly become a climate leader; and engaging with various levels of government to deliver affordable student housing, a pedestrianized St.George, and cheaper transit. I want everybody to thrive during their time at UofT, these are just some of my ideas to make that happen. In addition, I want to hear from you! Please elect me so I can lead a UTSU that improves your day-to-day and delivers the changes you want to see. Vote Jake Barton for a New Deal for students.


Shehab Mansour

I want you to be able to respond to “Where do you go to school?” confidently. As the future president of the UTSU, I am serious about building a dynamic where every student feels represented, safe, and at home.

I’m Shehab, and here is what I have planned for next year.

At the forefront is student representation and assistance, an essential pillar in our diverse student body. With that, I will be focusing on improving accessibility and affordability for food choices, housing options and transportation across our campus.My mission is to build a sense of community at UofT. I will take initiative in the planning and execution of community building, ensuring that you have the opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and be heard.

Aidan Thompson

Hi folks! My name is Aidan, and I am running to be your UTSU President. This year, I’ve had the privilege of serving as your UTSU Vice-President, where together we have taken steps to make student life easier and less expensive. From establishing a free therapy program, to securing $1,600/year in savings for commuter students, and providing free dinners across campus, we’ve built a lot this year—but we need to keep this momentum going.

I want to spend next year fighting for you again: delivering a week-long campus-wide orientation, bringing back the orientation concert, supporting clubs on campus, building new student housing, and lowering the cost of commuting even further.

With your support, we can build a Better, Brighter UofT.


Dhir Shah

Change is inevitable – we should not fear it; we should adapt to it. My platform embodies this principle. Within one year, I envision an UTSU that is not only more transparent, innovative, efficient, inclusive, and accessible but one where we are the change. From accountability to green, innovative investments such as digitalization to enhanced, cost-effective services such as insurance and aid, to freedom of speech across the union, change for us and by us is my direction. As a student, I have witnessed it through our leaders, and at VUSAC, my colleagues and I became the change that Victoria College sought. Now, with your support, it should be at UTSU.

To learn more, visit https://www.instagram.com/dhir4vpopsutsu or simply reach out.

Elizabeth Shechtman

Hello! I’m Elizabeth, and I’m thrilled to run for VP Finance and Operations. Drawing on my experience as the current President and past VP Student Life, I’m dedicated to streamlining operations and strengthening financial stability at the UTSU. With a proven track record in student leadership, I am committed to making a positive impact. My platform is structured around five key categories: Services and Programs, the Student Commons, Investment and Revenue, Governance, and Student Life, ensuring we meet members’ needs. I firmly believe that a strong student union is essential in creating a vibrant and inclusive community on campus. With my expertise, I am confident that I have what it takes to be effective and successful in the role. 


Avreet Jagdev

As VP Public and University Affairs, I’m committed to advocating for the needs and interests of students from an equity-based standpoint. I am dedicated to working with university administration to further support for students by fighting unaffordability and tuition hikes, and increasing access to health & wellness, accessibility, and housing services.

I am also committed to pushing UTSU’s advocacy onto a path that is progressive and principled — this means standing in solidarity with Palestine, divesting from companies complicit in our climate emergency, fighting against gender-based violence, and pushing our university administration to do the same. It’s time for UTSU to firmly stand and fight for what is right.


Eli Miller-Buza

My name is Eli, and I am running to be your next VP PUA. I have led Enactus UTSG and organized events for the Munk School, dealing with university and government officials, thereby understanding how to make them work for us. I will fight for housing supports, and compassionate, approachable accessibility services, so everyone has what they need to succeed. To cut living costs, I will push for frequency-based student discounts on the TTC and GO. I will work to make campus streets safer and tackle sexual assault and voyeurism. Above all, I will always defend students and their interests.


Paul Gweon

Hello, fellow students at UofT! My name is Paul Gweon, and I am excited to be running for the VP Student Life position at UTSU! Student life is a topic that I have been passionate about since day 1 of starting my undergrad, and I have constantly looked for ways that I can be involved to make student life better for all. As the potential VP Student Life, I plan to create a $40-per-month Groceries Rebate Program and an Affordable Transportation Program to aid students in coping with the high cost of living these days! And with your vote, we can make it a reality. You vote for me, and I’ll get to work. If that sounds like a good deal, vote Paul Gweon for VP Student Life!

Tala Mehdi

Hi! I’m Tala, and fostering a sense of community and inclusivity on campus has been one of my top priorities over the past three years. As vice president of Student Organizations at SMC and as president of the Arab Students Association, I am passionate about increasing student outreach and advocating for more exposure and accessibility. I have been listening to concerns brought forward by students and clubs at UofT, especially regarding funding, resource accessibility, and transparency throughout the UTSU club recognition process. I am here to ensure these concerns are addressed. As VP Student Life, I would go above and beyond to act as a voice for all students on campus, all the while organizing amazing events, and the best orientation 😉

Hunar Miglani

As a candidate for VP Student Life at UTSU, I’m committed to fostering a vibrant campus experience for every student. Your investment in the UTSU deserves transparency and tangible results. Drawing on my pledge to uphold equity and inclusion, I’ll prioritize organizing a wide range of events and initiatives that cater to the diverse needs of our student body, including but not limited to our international community. By ensuring that your fees are put to meaningful use, I’ll provide regular updates and transparent reporting on how every dollar is allocated. Together, we’ll build a UTSU where every member sees real progress, feels valued, and benefits from their investment in our shared student experience.

Lellow Sedio

Our UTSU could do more to relieve some of our student life stresses. As such, I plan to advocate for more financial aid programs, for individual students and clubs. Moreover, I believe our UTSU should create spaces for our invisible groups, such as mature students and be more representative of the diverse student population in our University. A big part of what makes university a great experience is the sense of community and belonging fostered through a strengthened and well-rounded student life. I plan to strengthen the already existing resources to ensure our unique student needs are met. A more effective UTSU means we can focus on being our best selves, however that may look for you.

Serenity Tuyet Mai Bui

University is more than just academics. It’s a place that allows you to explore your passions and hobbies. As the Vice-President of Student Life, I want to ensure that students are supported in all aspects of their university experience. I will advocate for transparency and accessibility for the student clubs that make up the UofT community. I will ensure that clubs are properly supported where needed and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the UTSU and the clubs it supports are inclusive and welcoming. With your support, I will be dedicated to making my vision a reality.

Anna Xiao

Dear students, my name is Anna! I love animals, reading, playing instruments, performing and travelling(went to Tibet and the first campsite of the Mount Everest on my own). In sum, a person absorbed in exploring and learning . I am helpful, creative ,humorous and always want to bring new experiences to people around me. In my high school, I was always the department minister in school student union.In events like cultural day or closing ceremony, I played the role of leading host or director. This year in university, I am the frist year representative of FCU and was selected in Putnam advanced group. I am looking forward to holding singing contest, the Reader and intriguing annual carnivals on campus. Vote for me!

https://forpeoplefortruth.mypisell.com(PC required for viewing)

Aviral Dhamija

Can “equity” at this university break out of simple symbolism and grand gestures, onto an actual path of progress? Equity policies often serve as great PR, focusing on issues today that don’t challenge the structures we inhabit. Our administration sidelines simple policies like addressing the anti-Palestinian racism on campus while those that pad press releases face little blowback. If elected, I promise to disrupt traditions of complacent student governance by supporting radical grassroots campaigns, labour and allied faculty to address critical issues like food insecurity and precarious housing. Equally crucial for equity is memory, so I hope to create a new framework that gives control of what gets remembered to us, not the bureaucracy.


Sakeena Mohammad (she/her)

As VP Equity, I aim to prioritise an environment where all identities are valued, heard and represented. Here’s how:

 -Celebrating intersectional identities, stories and needs.

 – Fostering an environment where every student feels valued, heard, and represented. Here are some of the key initiatives I aim to champion.

– Prioritize discussions and development of policies with the University to ensure students feel safe at our gyms, classrooms libraries, community spaces and beyond. 

– Creating spaces which advocate for practices where students of diverse needs and experiences feel welcomed onto our campus. I will propose initiatives that promote equity of opportunity to all.

Visit my Instagram for more!

Erica Nguyen

Hi my name is Erica Nguyen, I am part of the Visual Studies program, and I am running for Vice President of Professional faculties. I am passionate about accessibility and providing students with financial supports and fighting against tuition hikes. I believe that the UTSU should focus on connecting and advocating for the overlooked professional faculties on our campus, promoting our student aid and various supports to unaware students. I hope to push the UTSU and the university to take a progressive stand when it comes to issues pertaining to students, and advocate for equity focused initiatives.

Job Descriptions

The President is the primary spokesperson and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. They establish and maintain key stakeholder partnerships, are accountable to the long-term strategic priorities, and embody the core values of the UTSU.

Click here to see the full job description

The Vice-President, Finance & Operations (VPFO) is responsible for overseeing the internal and financial aspects of the UTSU as the Chief Financial Officer of the organization. They make recommendations on capital and budget issues, and liaise with UTSU staff to coordinate the operations, businesses, and services offered by the UTSU.

Click here to see the full job description

The Vice-President Public and University Affairs (VPPUA) is responsible for facilitating and coordinating the advocacy activities of the UTSU, and works to ensure that advocacy campaigns and activities are representative of the needs and interests of UTSU members.

Click here to see the full job description

The Vice-President Student Life (VPSL) is responsible for facilitating opportunities for student members of the UTSU to engage in student and campus life, primarily through the delivery of engaging events and the administration of student groups.

Click here to see the full job description

The Vice-President Equity (VP Equity) is responsible for leading the UTSU’s efforts to integrate the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into its activities. They do this by engaging with the UTSU’s initiatives and practices and analyzing them through the lens of anti-oppression, equity, and accessibility, and by spearheading their events and initiatives relating to equity on campus.

Click here to see the full job description

The Vice-President Professional Faculties (VP PF) is responsible for ensuring that the UTSU’s activities, campaigns, and programs considers the unique context of the University of Toronto’s Professional Faculty students from: Applied Science and Engineering, Architecture and Visual Studies, Dentistry, Kinesiology and Physical Education, Law, Medicine, Music, and Nursing programs.

Click here to see the full job description

The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU)’s Director-at-large roles are elected student leadership positions. The Board of Directors is the highest governance organ of the UTSU, and is charged with the overarching decision-making and oversight functions of the organization at a macro level.

Click here to see the full job description

How Our Elections Work

Each year, the UTSU hosts elections so that students have the opportunity to make a difference in their student government, and to campaign on the issues that matter to them and their communities.  You can nominate yourself and campaign to represent your fellow students at the Board or Executive level. These elections primarily take place in the spring semester of each year, but elections to fill vacancies are held in the fall semester as well. Every UTSU member is encouraged to run in our elections.

All voting takes place online using the University of Toronto’s online electronic voting service, Simply Voting. To vote in the UTSU’s elections, please visit utoronto.simplyvoting.com and sign in using your UTORid and password.

If you’re interested in our elections, but you aren’t sure whether or not you’d like to run, please consider attending an all-candidates meeting or an information session whenever they are held to learn more. These will usually be announced ahead of time on our social media and on this page.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2024-25 Spring Elections General Info

  • President (1)
  • Vice-President, Finance & Operations (1)
  • Vice-President, Public & University Affairs (1)
  • Vice-President, Equity (1)
  • Vice-President, Student Life (1)
  • Vice-President, Professional Faculties (1)
  • Board Members-at-Large (10)

As a result of recent governance changes at the UTSU, internal elections are no longer permitted for the appointment of seats to the UTSU Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors

The UTSU Board of Directors governs YOUR Students’ Union. It is composed of members, just like you.

Full-time status as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto St. George campus. Exceptions include

  • Being enrolled as an M. Div. student in the Toronto School of Theology
  • Being enrolled in the Transitional Year Program
  • Being an engineer who is currently in their Professional Experience Year (PEY)

All students in these categories are included in the UTSU membership, regardless of their full-time or undergraduate status.

  • All UTSU fees are paid in full
  • 18 years of age at the point of ratification

Please visit our “Board Structure” page for more information.

1 – By Elections:

Most of the Directors on the UTSU Board are elected by our membership in the Spring elections. Visit this page during our Election season for more information.

The UTSU also holds elections in the Fall for by-elections and faculties that offer one (1) year programs. The existing Board, prior to the new terms of office, ratifies newly elected members.


2 – By Appointment:

Further, Directors may be appointed by the UTSU Board should a vacancy arise after the by-election period. Visit utsu.ca/work-volunteer for more information.

Voting Process

Online voting is available 24-hours a day during the voting period. Members can vote anywhere and at anytime during the voting period at utoronto.simplyvoting.com.

Members can vote for every executive seat, with the exception of the Vice-President, Professional Faculties. Only members that belong to professional faculties elect the Vice-President, Professional Faculties.

For the Board of Directors, each member votes for one director. The ten (10) directors with the most votes are then elected to the Board.

Members (full time St. George undergraduate student) may vote in all categories, except for the VP Professional Faculties. In the case of the VP Professional Faculties, only UTSU members who are enrolled in one or more professional faculty may vote. This includes students enrolled in the faculties of engineering, KPE, architecture, nursing, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, law, music, and theology.

How Can I Get Involved?

Obtain a nomination package, mark yourself down as a candidate by following the instructions provided at the top of this page, and attend an all-candidates meeting to learn all the specifics about running in our elections.

If you ever have any questions during the election season, please contact cro@utsu.ca and you should receive a prompt reply. Should you have any questions outside of the election season, please contact president@utsu.ca or vpoperations@utsu.ca.

Please note that late submissions of nomination packages will not be accepted, as procedures need to be followed carefully to ensure that elections are being conducted freely and fairly.

A full list of open positions can be found at the top of this page.

All UTSU members are eligible to vote in UTSU elections, with the exception of the UTSU’s General Manager. UTSU members are defined as the following (current to August 2020):

  1. All individuals who have registered full-time at the University of Toronto St. George campus, in a program leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate, are taking the equivalent of a full-time course load at the University of Toronto for the current session, and who have paid membership fees to the UTSU.
  2. Registered students of the Toronto School of Theology.
  3. Registered students of the Transitional Year Program.
  4. Registered students of the Professional Employment Year program.
  5. Members of the Executive Committee during their respective terms in office, including the General Manager of the UTSU.


A referendum is a vote held by an organization to determine its membership’s position on a particular question. The outcome of a referendum is binding, i.e. the organization must take steps to comply with the outcome of the vote.

All referenda questions are phrased as Yes/No/Abstain questions. This means that there will be campaigning in one of two (2) categories: Yes or No. Anyone wishing to campaign on either side must form or join an advocacy committee and register its members with the Chair of the Elections and Referenda Committee (ERC) and the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and declare its position.

There can only be one (1) advocacy committee per position, i.e. Yes or No campaign. Therefore, if there is already a registered advocacy committee, all members will have to be registered and work together.

All the rules for campaigning in a referendum are outlined in the Elections and Referenda Code.



During the Spring Election Period (February-March), please email the Chief Returning Officer at cro@utsu.ca for any questions regarding becoming a candidate, campaigning, or anything else, including election rules and regulations.

If you are seeking election information outside of an election cycle, please contact the Vice-President Operations at vpoperations@utsu.ca.

Past Elections

Information on past elections available is available on this page. Conclusive election results and other information can also be found by visiting utsu.simplyvoting.com and viewing past ballots. Please note that for current and future elections, we have transitioned to the use of the University of Toronto’s SimplyVoting platform, at utoronto.simplyvoting.com/.