Book Drive for Prison Libraries in Canada

Hosted by the Caribbean Studies Students’ Union, 1919 Mag, and Climate Justice Toronto.
Starting the second week of January, 1919 Magazine will be hosting a book drive for prison libraries in the Toronto/GTA area and across Canada. All book donations should be dropped off in marked 1919 donation boxes set up in the lobby of 40 Wilcocks St. 

Drop-Off times are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, January 13th-February 14th. Outside of these hours, donations will also be accepted after 5pm at the CARSSU office (500C), located in the basement of 40 Wilcocks St on the following days:

Monday: 3-5pm, Tuesday 1-3pm, Wednesday: 5-7pm, Thursday: 5-7pm, Friday: 5-7pm

If these times pose any accessibility issues with your schedule, please reach out!

Since 1996, when the government of Ontario laid off all librarians in correctional institutions, library services in Toronto detention centers have been sporadic and dependent on volunteer services. For inmates, reading and access to information is woefully inadequate although it is a basic Canadian right guaranteed under the charter of rights and freedoms. Support the right to read for all incarcerated folks by donating your fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, art books, books on social movements, legal reference material, skill mastery and learning materials, and books about indigenous cultures and history by indigenous authors in reasonable condition. Most books in reasonable condition will be accepted with the exception of books depicting excessive violence and/or sexual violence, hate speech, or information on how to craft/hide weapons, and large hard cover textbooks.

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Jan 13 2020 - Feb 14 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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