Executive Committee

utsu muntaka ahmed

Muntaka Ahmed


4th year Bachelor of Science – BSc. Immunology,
Health and Disease, and Bioethics

The President is the chief executive, primary spokesperson, and overall leader of the UTSU. They set the tone and direction of the organization as a whole.

“I look forward to hopefully setting the UTSU in the right direction as we move into the Student Commons and work towards expanding our scope as an organization. I’m excited to continue building relationships with the many student-led groups on our campus who are already doing incredible work and finding new and meaningful ways in which we can best serve our shared memberships. I’m also very grateful to have an incredible team of Executives and Board of Directors with who I have the opportunity to work this year to create a better and brighter UTSU going forward!”

Muntaka can be reached at president@utsu.ca.

utsu dermont o halloran

Dermot O’Halloran


4th year Bachelor of Music – Comprehensive Jazz Specialist, Minor in Political Science

The Vice-President, Operations ensures that the UTSU runs smoothly. They oversee the finances, the services that the UTSU provides to students, and liaises with the general manager in planning and overseeing UTSU’s daily operations.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the UTSU to prepare the Student Commons for its grand opening next year (with, hopefully, a recording facility!). I’m also looking forward to expanding our student aid program, creating a brand new UTSU website, and overhauling the UTSU’s internal governance so that it becomes more accessible to the wider membership than it really ever has been. Fingers crossed that it will be a great year, despite everything.”

Dermot can be reached at: vpoperations@utsu.ca.

utsu tyler riches

Tyler Riches


3rd year Honours Bachelor of Arts – Human Geography (Focus in Planning), Urban Studies, Women & Gender Studies

The Vice-President, Public & University Affairs engages directly with the U of T administration, all three levels of government, and external organizations, working on everything from academic advocacy and policy reform to lobbying and public relations.

“I’m definitely looking forward to working with student leaders, university administrators, and government officials to ensure student concerns are heard and addressed.”

Tyler can be reached at: vppua@utsu.ca.

utsu alexandra mclean

Alexandra McLean


2nd year Bachelor of Arts – BA.  Double Major in Health Studies and Bio-Ethics, Minor in Equity Studies

The Vice-President, Equity advances the interests of students from marginalized communities, organizing campaigns aimed at making U of T a more inclusive, equitable space. They also ensure that the UTSU itself is acting equitably.

“I hope to foster positive working relationships and facilitate autonomy amongst diverse student groups, promote equity and accessibility within community leadership, and create more learning opportunities surrounding equity. I also can’t wait to work with an AMAZING Exec team and Board of Directors!!”

Alexandra can be reached at: vpequity@utsu.ca

utsu neeharika hemrejani

Neeharika Hemrajani

Vice-President Student Life

4th Year, Bachelor of Arts – BA. Double Major in History and Ethics, Society and Law, Minor in Political Science

The Vice-President, Student Life works to improve the social lives of all students. They oversee Orientation and Frost Week and host smaller events throughout the year. They also provide support to student clubs.

“There are so many things I am looking forward to this year, but if I had to pick one it would be throwing an amazing orientation event and connecting with our incredible campus groups on campus!”

Neeharika Hemrajani can be reached at vpsl@utsu.ca.

utsu paul kaita

Paul Kaita

Vice-President Professional Faculties

4th Year Bachelor of Arts – HBA. Specialist in Architectural Studies – Comprehensive Stream, Minor in Visual Studies

The Vice-President, Professional Faculties looks after the needs of professional faculty students, ensuring that they’re represented within the UTSU and working to improve their academic and social lives.

“I am very much looking forward to working with Professional Faculties Students to learn about getting engaged with the UTSU community! Also to see all the friendly faces running around campus.”

Paul can be reached at: vppf@utsu.ca