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UTSU Logo, XAO in large letters, eXpression Against Oppression Equity in Action Feb 22-26 in smaller letters
eXpression Against Oppression (XAO) February 22-26  is a week at the UTSU dedicated to raising awareness and discussion around how we continue to resist and challenge oppression on campus and within our broader communities.


“For XAO’s 2021 theme Equity in Action! we are promoting, supporting, and partnering with local equity-seeking businesses to demonstrate actionable strategies and initiatives to combat oppression,” said UTSU Vice-President Equity, Alex McLean. “Our events and wide range of giveaways are dedicated to building community and supporting BIPOC entrepreneurs during the pandemic.” 

Sign up today and attend these free online events for a chance to win one of over 40 gift cards to amazing businesses including Veggie D’Light, NishDish restaurant and more.


Salam Neighbor free film screening and director Q&A

Tuesday, February 23, from 6 to 9pm. 

A Film still from Salam Neighbor two men sitting in the back of a stationary pick up truck with two boys by the tail gate

Two American filmmakers travel to the edge of war, to live with 85,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Za’atari camp. Experience an intimate look at the heartbreak and hope on the front lines of the world’s most dire refugee crisis.

The UTSU’s Student Refugee Program: Community Connections team hosts a free online screening of the award winning 2015 documentary Salam Neighbor and an exclusive Q&A session with its director Chris Temple. Chris joins the UTSU for an exclusive Q&A following the film, where you will learn more about the experience of Syrian refugees, why this film was important to make, and the far-reaching social impact that this film has had on its audiences.

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Cultural Cooking Class with Veggie D’Light 

Thursday, February 25 from 6 to 7:30pm

Chef Peter, a black man in a white chefs uniform standing with Lake Ontario and the CN Tower behind him.

Chef Peter from the meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free eatery Veggie D’Light in Kensington Market will school us all on his secret to making an amazing and affordable vegan curry in the Caribbean style. As he shares his tips and tricks he’ll also expand on the historical context of curry in relation to British colonization and Caribbean culture for the dish.

Veggie D’Light was founded with a vision of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for the masses. With stewed meats and suet based pastry being so common in Caribbean foods, Veggie D’Light’s popular takeout is a rare opportunity to dig into jerk spices for vegans and delicious, healthy, non GMO and organic food for everyone.

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Thanks for your interest in XAO. Let’s engage in equity work and furthering our knowledge and understanding of ways we can apply an equity lens to our daily lives.