This is what you pay the UTSU every year. To opt out of any or all of the fees that are listed as “refundable”, come to the office and fill out a refund form any time before September 30th. The exception is opting out of the Health and Dental Plan—you can do that at www.utsu.ca/health/opt-out

Send questions and comments to vpinternal@utsu.ca.

Projected Levies & Fees:

UTSU Fees (by semester)

Fee Conditions Total
Totals $194.49 ($163.28 Refundable)
UTSU Membership Fee $18.76
UTSU Orientation Fee This fee can only be used to support Orientation. $0.50 (refundable)
UTSU Health Plan Fee This fee can only be used to support the administration of the Health Plan and Health Insurance Premiums (Fall and Winter only) $88.39 (refundable)
UTSU Dental Plan Fee This fee can only be used to support the administration of the Dental Plan and Dental Insurance Premiums (Fall and Winter only) $73.89 (refundable)
Student Commons Fee This fee is collected by the University, which will use the money to pay for the Student Commons. $10.24
Dollars for Daycare This fee can only be used to help students with dependent children pay for daycare. $0.50 (refundable)
Wheelchair Accessibility Fund This fee can only be used to make the UTSU building more accessible. $1.00
World University Service of Canada Every year, the UTSU sponsors a refugee student. This fee can only be used to support that student. $0.71
Accessibility Resources Fund This fund can only be used to make UTSU’s campaigns and events more accessible. $0.50

External Organization Fees (by semester)

The UTSU collects fees on behalf of other organizations. These fees are included in the UTSU fee that appears on your ROSI invoice. Each one was established by a referendum.

Fee Total
Totals $19.02 ($11.09 Refundable)
Bike Chain $0.52 (refundable)
Blue Sky Solar Racing Team $0.13 (refundable)
Canadian Federation of Students $7.93
Centre for Women and Trans People $1.50 (refundable)
Cinema Studies Students’ Union $0.25 (refundable)
Downtown Legal Services $3.17 (refundable)
LGBTOUT $0.25 (refundable)
Ontario Public Interest Research Group Toronto $0.50 (refundable)
Sexual Education Centre $0.25 (refundable)
Students for Barrier-free Access $1.00 (refundable)
U of T Environmental Resource Network $0.50 (refundable)
U of T International Health Program $0.25 (refundable)
U of T Aerospace Team $2.77 (refundable)

Audited Financial Statements

Audited Financial statements show the actual financial position of the UTSU for one fiscal year. It is evaluated by an Auditor to guarantee that proper accounting standards and amounts are represented.

If you require information about the audited financial statements, please contact executivedirector@utsu.ca or vpinternal@utsu.ca.

The UTSU Fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30 of the following year.

Operating Budgets

Operating Budgets are set by the Board of Directors each year. They are a financial plan of how the UTSU plans to spend its money. After the Operating Budget is passed, The Board of Directors receive reports in their regular meeting agendas on how much has been spent each month. The full budgeting process can be found in the UTSU’s Policy Manual.

2017-2018 UTSU Operating Budget

2016-2017 UTSU Operating Budget




Profit Loss Statements


Agreements, Contracts, and Regulations