Food Programming

For many students, living on their own for the first time presents many challenges, including time to cook, healthy eating and cost, In line with supporting student health, the UTSU provides a variety of food programming to the U of T community. These programs teach important life skills like healthy eating, shopping on a budget and more, all while having a positive impact on a student’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, providing awareness and education around nutrition, and promoting healthy living so that students can thrive.

During COVID 19 the UTSU is offering both in-person and virtual programming. See below for more information about our services.

Food Bank

See how the UTSU Food Bank is tackling food insecurity for all U of T members.

Food Rescue

See how the UTSU Food Rescue is addressing food insecurity for all U of T members.

Food Challenges

The UTSU Food Challenges are an innovative way to get students to challenge themselves to build healthier habits. Challenges include adding fresh seasonal produce, preparing food with inexpensive alternatives to save some money, preparing quick meals with leftovers, and more!