Governing Documents & Agreements


The Bylaws of the UTSU serve as the most important of the UTSU’s four governing documents, setting the base parameters to which the UTSU must operate within. The Bylaws set out definitions for who can be a member of the UTSU, how the Board of Directors is structured, how the UTSU’s general operations should be carried out, and more. 

The Bylaws also define the other governing documents of the UTSU and how they are to be amended. These documents can be found below. Any changes to the UTSU’s Bylaws must be confirmed by a meeting of the members, usually in the form of a General Meeting.

Letters Patent (Articles of Incorporation)

The Letters Patent of the then-named Students’ Administrative Council of the University of Toronto serves as the published written declaration of our status as a corporation. The Students’ Administrative Council, or SAC, was incorporated under what is now the CNCA in April of 1977.

We are now known as the University of Toronto Students’ Union and have been ever since 2006, when students voted to change the organization’s name at the 16 November 2006 Annual General Meeting. It should be noted that the UTSU is still legally recognized as the Students’ Administrative Council of the University of Toronto.


The Policy Books of the UTSU are the largest governing documents of the UTSU in terms of size, and govern nearly all of the UTSU’s operations that the Bylaws do not. With the exception of internal and human resources-related policies, as well as any procedures pertaining to the UTSU’s elections and referenda, this document governs the UTSU’s day-to-day operations.

Elections & Referenda Code

The Elections & Referenda Code is the manual for all things voting at the UTSU, outlining the rules, regulations, and procedures for all elections and referenda. If you are considering running in an election or organizing or participating in a referendum, it is strongly recommended that you become familiar with these rules so that all members may safely, confidently, and fairly participate.

Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act

The UTSU is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA), and is therefore subject to the rules and regulations set out under the Act. If you wish to learn more about this federal not-for-profit legislation, we have provided a link to the Government of Canada’s website below.

Existing Agreements

The staff of the UTSU are represented by CUPE Local 1281. You can review their collective agreement here.

This 2015 agreement outlines the relationship between the UTSU and ENGSOC, including but not limited to seats on their respective Boards of Directors, program responsibilities, student fee disbursements, and the process for settling disputes.

The Ministry of Education requires student consultations to be a part of the process to increase or introduce compulsory non-tuition fees. This memorandum outlines the roles and responsibilities of the University of Toronto and the UTSU in this process.

This is the University of Toronto’s policy on non-academic fees.

This University of Toronto policy clarifies the term “open, accessible and democratic” in regards to student societies (including the UTSU) and details dispute resolution when  complaints cannot be resolved within the organization.

This agreement between the University of Toronto and the UTSU outlines the goals and responsibilities related to the Student Commons, a student-run space at 230 College Street, intended to give students and student groups a relaxed environment to meet and interact. The building is currently under renovation.

Archived Documents

This agreement between the UTSU and the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union (UTMSU) was set to coordinate and streamline member services for each organization, to reduce duplication, and focus the organizations where they could do the most good.

This is an update to the UTMSU Associate Membership Agreement that clarifies the roles and responsibilities around administering the Health and Dental insurance plan to UTM students.