A Brief History of your Students’ Union

The University of Toronto Students’ Union was established in 1901 to deal with non-athletic activities on campus. The original mandate of the union was to enforce discipline, promote decent behavior, good conduct and to be a social and cultural council. In 1907, the Students’ Union changed its name to Parliament of the Undergraduates. A Parliament of the Undergraduates was organized to discuss the improvement of student services and came to take over publications of The Varsity, which at the time was under the control and supervision of a small group of men for personal profit. With new responsibilities the structure of the Parliament became unworkable and thus evolved into the Students’ Administrative Council by 1913 – with representation from all colleges and faculties in the University of Toronto. We have recently returned to our original name: The University of Toronto Students’ Union.

Over the years, we have evolved and offer more services, advocacy and representation for its ever-growing membership. We have a history and commitment to social justice that you can be proud of. We played important roles in promoting an end to homophobia and transphobia on campus, setting up the Centre for Women and Trans People, opening up Hart House for use by women and convincing the University to divest from South African Apartheid. We now bring you services to save you money and have adopted, as our main campaign and advocacy project, accessible education free of financial barriers.