Mental Health Support Fund

This program is designed to provide immediate financial assistance to Undergraduate Students at the University of Toronto St. George Campus seeking professional mental health services during the postponement of the UTSU Public & University Affairs Office’s “Downtown Mental Health Services” (DMHS) pilot project.

The DMHS project, initially slated for a January launch, will now commence in the Summer of 2024 due to practicum placement challenges and communication delays with Health & Wellness. This interim grant ensures continued support for student mental health needs at a time of enhanced need.

*If you are looking to apply to Student Aid Program, click here.*

Mental Health Support Fund applications are now open.

In order for a claim to be approved, it must, at minimum, meet the following requirements:

– Confirmation that the applicant is a payee to the UTSU Health & Dental Plan
– Confirmation that the applicant has already claimed their eligible amount covered by the UTSU Health & Dental Plan
– Demonstration of significant financial need, if the applicant is ineligible to pay the up-front cost of a claim under the UTSU Health & Dental Plan.

Please note that all parts of this form are received and considered confidential, and identifying information is anonymized during consideration. If you are unsafe or in crisis, please get support.

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