Are you feeling isolated? Struggling with mental health?
Do you need someone to talk to?


Have you felt isolated in the past? Feeling better now?
Want to lend an ear?


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Peers with Ears is a student-run mentorship program facilitated by the UTSU. We:

• Are focused on mental wellness

• Match students with similar experiences

• Strive to make the most compatible mentorship pairings

• Maintain the highest degree of confidentiality at all times


When we’re struggling with mental health, it’s hard to find people who we can really talk to about it, who understand what we’re going through. That’s why we want to facilitate dialogue and mentorship between students who struggle with mental health, and students who feel they have valuable advice and lived experiences to offer.

If you have any questions or comments, email

This program is not meant to act as a replacement to professional medical help, but as a supplement to it. If you are concerned with your mental wellbeing, the UTSU encourages you to seek assistance through Health and Wellness (416-978-8030). If you are currently in crisis, please seek emergency assistance immediately by calling 911.