Printing & Office Services


Inexpensive printing is available for our members at the UTSU office!
Service available on Weekdays until 9:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday.


Printing from USB only.  Please have your documents ready to print on a USB drive as there is no WIFI access at our UTSU office.

There is a debit minimum of $5.00 at the UTSU office. Any print jobs under this amount must be paid by CASH.

Printing for Clubs:

UTSU Registered/Recognized Clubs are eligible for free print credits (ask about the clubs credit system at the UTSU office).


Black & White, Letter Size Prints:
$0.03 per side (up to 200 sides). After 200 sides,
the cost increases to $0.10 cents per side.

Colour, Letter Size Prints (8 1/2″ x 11):
$0.25 per side (up to 20 sides).

Colour, Poster Size Prints (11″ x 17″):
$1.00 (Up to 20 sides).

Telephone Calls:

A courtesy phone is available in our office (12 Hart House Circle) where free phone calls can be made during business hours. A 20 minute maximum per member is allowed.


Local Faxes are free.
Long-distance faxes are 0.75 cents.

STOP Plate Anti-Theft Device

You can protect your computer, tablet or other valuables with this cost-effective anti-theft and recovery product. STOP plates are permanently affixed to your item and reduce the percentage of theft by clearly marking your equipment as an obvious liability for any would-be thief. STOP plates are marked with a unique registration number that dramatically increases the incidence of recovery.

STOP Plates are available at the UTSU office for $20 after-tax, which includes a lifetime listing in the STOP database.

You must bring the item you wish to protect with you.

For more information, please check out the STOP website, contact