Printing & Office Services

Notice: The UTSU office is temporarily closed in response to COVID-19. We look forward to reopening and offering printing and office services again as soon as possible.


Inexpensive printing is available for our members at the UTSU office!
Service available on Weekdays until 9:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday.


Printing from USB only.  Please have your documents ready to print on a USB drive as there is no WIFI access at our UTSU office.

There is a debit minimum of $5.00 at the UTSU office. Any print jobs under this amount must be paid by CASH.

Printing for Clubs:

UTSU Registered/Recognized Clubs are eligible for free print credits (ask about the clubs credit system at the UTSU office).


Black & White, Letter Size Prints:
$0.03 per side (up to 200 sides). After 200 sides,
the cost increases to $0.10 cents per side.

Colour, Letter Size Prints (8 1/2″ x 11):
$0.25 per side (up to 20 sides).

Colour, Poster Size Prints (11″ x 17″):
$1.00 (Up to 20 sides).

Telephone Calls:

A courtesy phone is available in our office (12 Hart House Circle) where free phone calls can be made during business hours. A 20 minute maximum per member is allowed.


Local Faxes are free.
Long-distance faxes are 0.75 cents.

STOP Plate Anti-Theft Device

You can protect your computer, tablet or other valuables with this cost-effective anti-theft and recovery product. STOP plates are permanently affixed to your item and reduce the percentage of theft by clearly marking your equipment as an obvious liability for any would-be thief. STOP plates are marked with a unique registration number that dramatically increases the incidence of recovery.

STOP Plates are available at the UTSU office for $20 after-tax, which includes a lifetime listing in the STOP database.

You must bring the item you wish to protect with you.

For more information, please check out the STOP website, contact