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On August 29, the 2021-2022 UTSU elects held their Board of Directors meeting. Below is a recap of important points of discussion and motions.

  1. AGM: The 2021 AGM was proposed to be held on October 8th, 2021. This is earlier than past AGM dates so as to not coincide with midterms and other big assignments at the end of the month. Notice for member-submitted motions went out already and prep work for the AGM is underway and on track as major deadlines have been identified and the team is working together to meet them.
  2. Open Letter: The letter asks that in addition to the University changing their proof-of-vaccination standards, online alternatives to various aspects of course delivery should be offered so that students who are not able to be on campus or attend in-person classes for any reason may be accommodated. Furthermore, more mental health services should ideally be implemented to support students during this unusual school year.
  3. Return to Campus: Aside from what overlaps with the issues discussed in the Open Letter, questions were also raised regarding whether future BOD meetings will continue to be virtual. The response was that there will always be an option available to attend online should there be any in-person meetings in the near future

See the full Board Package for this meeting here.