UTAT Innovation Fund Petition for a Referendum on a Student Levy

The below is our proposed wording for the question to be put to vote in the Spring 2019 UTSU Referendum.

The University of Toronto Aerospace Team (UTAT) is seeking the consent of UTSU members at the St George Campus to renew the UTAT Innovation Fund. Each UTSU member at the St George Campus would pay a fee of $2.77 per session (excluding the Summer session) and would be able to opt out of said fee through the UTSU. The fee would be collected from Fall 2019 to Spring 2021, at which point a referendum would be required for continued collection. UTAT would be required to spend all of the collected fees on co-curricular aerospace projects. From 2019 to 2021, the UTAT Innovation Fund would fund the development and launch of a satellite. The payload of this satellite would be selected from designs submitted through a competition organized by UTAT and open to all University of Toronto students.

For more information about UTAT visit our website at www.utat.ca


Campaign Period: 

In-Person Campaign Period:
March 18, 09:00 — March 22, 23:59pm

Online Campaign Period:

March 18 09:00 – March 25th, 17:00pm

Voting Period:
March 23, 00:01am — March 25th, 17:00pm

Voting is online at www.utsu.simplyvoting.com