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Experience an intimate look at the heartbreak and hope on the front lines of one of the world’s most dire refugee crises. Two American filmmakers and humanitarians, Chris Temple and Zack Ingrasci, travel to the edge of war, to live for a month with 85,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Za’atari camp.


Chris joins the UTSU for an exclusive Q&A following the film, where you will learn more about the experience of Syrian refugees, why this film was important to make, and the far-reaching social impact that this film has had on its audiences.

As a part of the University of Toronto Students’ Union’s (UTSU) eXpression Against Oppression (XAO),  a week at the UTSU dedicated to raising awareness around equity-based issues, the UTSU’s Student Refugee Program: Community Connections initiative invites you to a free film screening of Salam Neighbor.  This award-winning 2015 documentary on the Syrian refugee crisis will be shared Tuesday, February 23 from 6 to 9 pm. 

We are thrilled to offer students who attend and/or participate in our post-event feedback survey a chance to win one of  10 gift cards for $50 at Soufi’s, a Syrian street food restaurant at 676 Queen St West, or one of 10 gift cards for $50 to Zezafoun, another Toronto-based Syrian restaurant featuring home-cooked style food prepared with love. 


This film presentation will be a great opportunity for the student community to better understand the issues facing Syrian refugees and their experience living in Za’atari, and the importance of the resettlement of refugees to safer countries. Since 2015, Canada has welcomed the resettlement of over 74,000 Syrian refugees according to government data. 

Salam Neighbor conveys a message of hope and highlights the importance of equity and equality among neighbours and opens up a dialogue towards creating more inclusive communities for all of us.

The Student Refugee Program: Community Connections aims to build awareness around the Syrian refugee experience and the continuing crisis in Syria as well as the challenges faced by people in displaced communities around the world. 

The UTSU recognizes this global issue. With funding from a student levy,  we have worked alongside New College to sponsor refugee youth and help to make a positive change.  The UTSU-New College Local Committee has proudly sponsored over 18 refugee youth through the World University Services of Canada (WUSC): Student Refugee Program and has assisted with their settlement and higher education.

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