Are you a talented graphic artist student? Here’s your chance to showcase those skills. The UTSU invites you to create and submit an original logo to represent the inaugural Student Senate at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus. You can win $1500 cash if your logo is selected! For more details and contest rules, see below.




This year marks the inauguration of the University of Toronto St. George Student Senate. It will be composed of up to 75 student representatives who will be responsible for advocacy on behalf of their fellow full-time undergraduate students on campus. The Senate will be the sole governance organ of the UTSU responsible for advising its Board of Directors on a range of issues affecting students. The Senate will continue to uphold the principles espoused by the UTSU, i.e. equity, diversity, inclusion, transparency, accessibility, accountability, sustainability and openness.


Logo Purpose and Rules:


General Rules

  1. The logo may be used in all media-including online, print, merchandise and other visual collateral.
  2. No more than one (1) entry can be submitted per entrant.
  3. Logo submission must be sent in by an individual, i.e. not allowed to work in a team.
  4. All submitted work must be the original work of the entrant and must not include or be based on any pre-existing or third party trademarks, copyrighted images or designs.
  5. All submissions will become the property of the UTSU.
  6. The winner agrees to have their name and likeness be used by the UTSU for publicity purposes without need for additional compensation or winner’s permission.
  7. The Student Senate has the right to modify the original logo to adapt to its needs without prior consent of the winner.

Design Guidelines

  1. The logo should be easy to use, handle, resize and manipulate for all production purposes. It should be visually appealing on small and large scales whether in colour or grayscale.
  2. The logo should be submitted in scalable vector graphic format (EPS) and PNG (with transparent background)..
  3. Colour must be CMYK and also be submitted in colour, reverse and white.
  4. Contestants are asked to avoid gradients and half-tones.
  5. A narrative of no more than 300 words describing the logo must be provided.
  6. The UTSU uses the Montserrat font family in its documents and templates. An ideal logo will be able to blend with UTSU office documents and stationary.


  1. Must be a member of the UTSU registered as a full time undergraduate student at the University of Toronto St. George campus.

How to Submit

  1. Send your logo plus the additional information below to 
    1. Name
    2. UTORId
    3. UofT Email
    4. Year of Study
    5. Major
    6. A 300 word narrative explaining your logo
  2. Competition is opened from March 15, 2023 – April 6, 2023

Selection Criteria

  1. The Selection Committee will be comprised of members of the UTSU’s 2022/2023 Board of Directors.
  2. The Committee will primarily base its decision on the following criteria:
    1. Aesthetics- Must be visually appealing
    2. Originality- Must represent something new and fresh
    3. Adherence to the guidelines- Follow the rules!
    4. Creativity- A unique design that is skilfully executed
  3. The Committee reserves the right to not announce a winner if no suitable submissions are received.
  4. Winner will be announced on April 7, 2023