Thank you for your interest in the UTSU’s 2020 Special General Meeting (SGM)!

The UTSU’s 2020 Special General Meeting (SGM) is coming up! The SGM was called by the Board of Directors to ensure that outstanding business from the 2019 Annual General Meeting is discussed, in addition to any additional business the membership may with to discuss. It is your chance as a member to engage with and weigh in on the work of your students’ union.

When & Where

Date Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Location will be announced soon!

Time 4:00PM to 8:00PM

Registration begins at 3:30PM

Food and Drink will be announced soon!


This event is hosted exclusively for the purposes of UTSU members. As such, only members of the UTSU are able to attend and participate in this event.* Members of the UTSU include:

  • Full-time undergraduate students at the St. George
  • Professional Faculty students
  • Toronto School of Theology students
  • Transitional Year Program students
  • Students on a Professional Experience Year (PEY) program

*excepting germane guests, including members of the press


Members are afforded three crucial rights at any UTSU General Meeting: (1) the right to submit items for consideration, (2) the right to speak on items, and (3) the right to vote on resolutions. At this point in time, the submission period for items has elapsed. As such, it is doubly important for members engaging now to exercise their speaking and voting rights. This year, there are three ways to participate in the UTSU’s SGM. In hierarchical order, you can participate:

  1. In Person. In-person participation is the single most powerful way to participate in the SGM. It allows you to experience discussion first-hand, make reasoned judgements in real time, voice your thoughts as they occur to you, and vote your mind in confidence of their fidelity to your opinion.
  2. By Proxy. Proxy voting is offered to members are unable to attend and wish to give another person the authority to vote on their behalf. It is the responsibility of the proxy-giver to pick their proxy-holder well and to communicate their opinions and/or voting intentions well. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the proxy-holder to exercise fidelity to the intentions of their giver(s). To proxy your vote, visit until 11:59PM on Friday, October 25, 2019. Your proxy-holder must visit the same page to accept your proxy vote.
  3. Online. The SGM live stream is the most accessible method of participation, and is offered in order to meet the needs members who would otherwise be unable to attend. It doesn’t matter why—be it a conflicting class, a midterm, a long commute, or otherwise—the live stream makes it effortless to keep tabs on the progress of the meeting. Importantly however, the live stream only gives you the opportunity to observe. Online viewers are not eligible to speak on items or vote on resolutions up for consideration.


The UTSU’s SGM is analogous to annual general meetings (see here) hosted by other organizations around the world. The meeting sees both informative and directive items of business concerning the past, present, and future work of the UTSU.

Informative items of business open the doors of the UTSU—they are meant to give assurance to stakeholders that the organization is doing worthwhile work and that it is doing it to an adequate standard. Directive items of business, on the other hand, put the UTSU on a designated path. Directive items come in the form of resolutions. Once passed, resolutions bind the organization to a specific course of action. The purpose of business in this category is to, in circumstances of limited scope, legally compel that the organization act in the interests of its stakeholders.

The items of business that come to the UTSU SGM from year to year vary. Some items are mandated for consideration at every SGM; these are categorized as Ordinary Business. All other items, including those submitted by members, are distinguished as Special Business.

Every item of business to be considered at the SGM is enumerated on the Meeting Agenda. Those items which warrant further information and/or documentation will have supporting materials included in the Meeting Package.

The meeting package will be made available soon.

To view the full meeting package, please visit

(if experiencing issues with the above link, you may alternatively (a) type the link explicitly, or (b) navigate to the package via the sidebar at the top of this page)

For any questions about business to be conducted at the SGM, please email Arjun Kaul, Vice-President Operations at


If you have any accessibility requests, or have other inquiries, please contact Arjun Kaul, Vice-President Operations at or (416) 978-4911 x240.