UTSU Student Aid Program (SAP)

The Student Aid Program offers bursary programs that students can apply to using a secure Formstack form. You can also access the form by using the embed below.

The Student Aid Program was first expanded during the Spring 2020 SAP Referendum, which asked students to give $1.00 per semester for the use of the program. This was the first of three referenda, with the following two being conducted during the Spring 2021 and 2022 elections, that would ask students to contribute one additional dollar per semester for the purposes of funding the Student Aid Program. Each referendum received approval by the members, and as of Spring 2023, UTSU members now contribute $3.00 each per semester to fund the Student Aid Program.

All UTSU members in financial need are encouraged to apply. Please ensure your information is correct and has included all necessary details when you submit your application. You must have contributed to this fee in order to receive support from the fund; please check your ACORN invoice if you are uncertain.

To apply outside of this page, you may easily complete the Student Aid Program form in a separate window by clicking the button below:


The UTSU Student Aid Program offers the following bursaries to those in financial need:

  1. The Book and Academic Supplies Bursary reimburses students for some of the costs associated with buying books or other academic supplies such as laptops or notebooks during the academic year.
  2. The Exam Deferral Bursary reimburses students for some of the costs associated with deferring a fall or spring exam during the academic year.
  3. The Academic Pursuits Grant assists students with the financial costs of expanding their academic experiences (e.g., attending a conference).
  4. The Health and Wellness Bursary provides financial support to students planning who need additional help covering the costs of seeing a therapist or paying for prescription drugs. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate that they are already using the UTSU’s Health and Dental Plan, or another form of coverage.
  5. The Accessibility Bursary is meant to help students with accessibility needs get through university smoothly.
  6. The Transit Bursary is built for commuter students to help them pay for the cost of a PRESTO card.
  7. The Emergency Bursary is available to students who find themselves in sudden financial need, whether that be an inability to pay rent, needing groceries or sudden loss of income.
  8. The Microtransaction Access Bursary is meant to assist students with the costs associated with microtransactions such as TopHat or WileyPlus.