Student Commons FAQ

Have questions about your new Student Commons building?

We’ve got answers! This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Also be sure to check our Student Commons page for regular updates.

We’re getting there. While the space is open now, and the Food Bank opens as of October 8, we’ll gradually be completing the building and offering programs and services throughout 2022.  We’re forecasting to have everything ready by September.

Even as the space is open, we’re hard at work finishing interiors to improve the student experience. Soon there will be university and student service groups sharing the building, as well as food, financial and wellness services from our partners and bookable space for groups and activities.

Starting in the new year we expect to move the UTSU into new offices in the building. We hope you can be patient with us as we continue to make the finishing touches and get everything up and running.

Follow our social media channels for updates as they happen.

Facebook and Instagram: /uoftsu

Get involved or just hang out

The completed building will be a place to discover space to relax or study; to find your club or group or get your questions answered. You’ll be able to stop by for a meal or a coffee. Want to fix your bike? Join a club? The Student Commons will be your place. 

Once you enter the building our friendly staff team will be ready to help at the welcome desk in the main floor lobby. There will be a cafe, lounges and several rooms and gathering areas where we’ll host a range of activities.

We’ll be there to help 

Trying to navigate life on campus? Just ask us – in person or on our website. Need help with your well-being? We’re committed to your wellness – from the inside out. We want to be the most welcoming place you think of when you’re on campus.

There will be several groups and services in the Student Commons. Some of these are still being finalized, so this list may change!

Here’s a short list:

Bookable meeting rooms


Club Space

Welcome Desk


Food Security Programs

Prayer space

Student Care (Health & Dental Insurance)

Rehearsal space

Several other groups are joining us in the Student Commons, including:

Bike Chain Repair Service

IHUB (UofT Innovation Hub)

Students for Barrier Free Access (SBA)

UofT Health & Wellness

… and more to be confirmed soon!

Your new six-storey home-on-campus sits at 230 College St. at the corner of Huron Street. Easily accessible from across the campus or just off the College streetcar. Enter from Huron St.

Soon! We want the building to look its best before we share photos and video. But you’ll get an early look as part of Orientation. Watch this space for the sneak preview coming later in August.

They will when we get closer to our full opening. At that point, departments and student groups can book our multi-purpose or meeting spaces, or arrange with us to set up events.  We may also provide space for groups who are outside the University community but whose work aligns with the nature and goals of the Student Commons.

A few departments will be tenants in the building, including Health & Wellness, Enrollment Services, and the Innovation Hub.

Check back with us for more information on how to book space once it’s available in 2022.

This is one of the features of the Student Commons we’re most excited about. There is space assigned for clubs, including some office/storage spaces and lounge space for clubs to meet and hang out. 

We’ll let clubs know how they can access and reserve space as soon as we have these details finalized.

Just one look at the Student Commons and you know this is a place with a history. Originally built in 1909 as the home for the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, it housed the Faculty of Dentistry until 1959. In 1961 the Department of Architecture moved in, and in 2008 was renamed the John H. Daniels School of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. 

In 2016 the Daniels School moved to its new home at 1 Spadina Crescent and shortly after a major renovation (guided by the architectural firm Superkul) began including significant accessibility upgrades, and a reimagining of the space as a student centre. 

Work soon began to renovate to the specific needs of a student centre, home for the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) and other tenants. The Student Commons was officially turned over to the UTSU in May 2021, and will open to students in 2022.

Yes! The UTSU offices will be here too. UTSU Executive offices will be on the second floor, and the staff offices will be on part of the third floor.  In addition to all the new things that come with the Student Commons, it will be the new home of your student government as well as offering the programs and support you’ve come to expect from the UTSU. And yes, that means we’ve left our former home on Hart House Circle. 

Once we fully escape from our zoom boxes, you’ll find us live in person in our new home at College and Huron.

Absolutely. We established the Student Commons Management Committee several months ago, composed largely of a representative group of students from across the university as well as members of our elected Student Executive. They’re providing valuable direction on how the space is used, how costs are managed and how the Student Commons is presented to students. 

And the UTSU is run by students, elected by you and looking out for your needs and interests as we develop this exciting new space.

The University of Toronto owns the building and will be managing maintenance and cleaning, as well as the spaces that are not licensed to the UTSU – primarily a 2nd floor classroom and spaces allocated for the Innovation Hub, Health & Wellness, Enrollment Services and the Green Roof Innovation Testing Laboratory, or GRIT Lab. 

The UTSU manages the day-to-day operations and building programming with the input of the Student Commons Management Committee – a representative group of students from across the university as well as members of our elected Executive and staff. The UTSU also manages our sub-licensees (service groups) and the common spaces and bookable spaces in the building.