The UTSU Community Hub

Get to know our Community Resource Specialists

We are a team of current students and recent grads who are employed by the UTSU. We’ve become experts in U of T and UTSU resources. We work hard to connect the UTSU community with information and services to help you make the most of your student experience. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for all of our visitors.



3rd year – Major in Philosophy, Minors in Political Science and Bioethics

“I started working as a CRS at the UTSU in September of 2023. I’ve had the pleasure of executing the SCVP as well as aiding students in accessing both UTSU and UofT resources. I am delighted to support my fellow peers and broader UofT community through my role at the UTSU.”



3rd year – Double major in Immunology and Biology 

“I began working with the UTSU as a member of the CRS team in May 2022. Working with the UTSU is the greatest experience I would never take for granted. I have gained professional experience since then and hope to learn more skills from my colleagues with time. I am proud to say that at least I know all the helpful resources available for me as a University of Toronto student, courtesy of UTSU.”



2nd year – Major in Mathematics, Minors in Statistics and Spanish

“I started working at UTSU in April 2023 as a member of the CRS team. Working at UTSU is a great opportunity that helped me build a big diverse network and have a better learning experience by knowing about the resources available on campus.”



3rd year – Double Major in Global Health and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Minor in Immunology

“I started working at the UTSU in the Fall of 2023, and the best part of working here is getting to give back to my community. Specializing in the Food Bank has been a joy and I love serving our student population.”



3rd year – Rotman Commerce

“I have been working at the UTSU since November 2023, and it has truly been a fantastic experience. I enjoy helping students and everyone who walks into the Student Commons, as well as getting involved in the U of T community in a meaningful way.”



3rd year – Double Major in Economics and Peace, Conflict and Justice, Minor in Spanish

“I’ve been working at the UTSU since 2023. I enjoy working at the UTSU because I can help connect other students with all of the resources available at the University of Toronto.”