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Get to know our Community Resource Specialists

We are a team of current students and recent grads who are employed by the UTSU. We’ve become experts in U of T and UTSU resources. We work hard to connect the UTSU community with information and services to help you make the most of your student experience. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for all of our visitors.

University of Toronto Deng


4th year – Geology Specialist

“I’ve worked at the UTSU since Summer 2019. I enjoy being able to work as a part of a large team providing services to students.”

university of toronto maya


4th year – Major in Cinema Studies, Minors in English and Creative Expression and Society

“I enjoy working at the UTSU because I am able to learn about and participate in so many different school/club events. Working at the UTSU has broadened my understanding of student life, and has given me a greater appreciation for what happens on campus.”

university of toronto jillian


4th year – Linguistics Specialist, Minor in Russian Language and Culture

“I’ve been working at the UTSU since October 2019. The best thing about working with the UTSU is getting to interact with students all day and learning about all of the opportunities and events on and off campus.”

university of toronto krishna


5th year –  Double Major in Mathematics and Statistics

“I started working on the Orientation team in July 2019 and later joined the CRS team in September 2019! I enjoy the interaction with students and I’ve gotten to meet so many different people this way. It’s one of the fun parts of the job.”

Tasnim headshot


Graduated 2021- Cell and Molecular Biology Specialist, Human Biology Major and Immunology Minor

“I have worked at the UTSU since May 2020. I enjoy working here as it provides a great opportunity to meet a diverse group of people and learn so much every day. This experience has definitely been a memorable one!”

Skylar headshot


3rd year – Double Major in Drama-Performance and Cinema Studies, Minor in French

“I have started working at the UTSU as a member of the CRS team in 2020. I enjoy working at the UTSU because I am able to learn so much while serving students at the University of Toronto.”