Upcoming Elections

The dates and procedures for the Fall 2020 by-elections will be announced soon. For more general information about how our elections work and how to participate, please visit our Elections & Referenda page to learn more.

Currently, the following seats are vacant on the UTSU Board of Directors. These positions will be put up for election once the dates are announced:

Division I:

  • Director, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Director, Rotman Commerce 
  • Director, Humanities 
  • Director, Computer Science 
  • Director, Transitional Year Programme
  • Director, Innis College
  • Director, Trinity College

Division II:

  • Director, Engineering (x 2)
  • Director, Professional Faculties-at-large
  • Director, Nursing 
  • Director, Medicine 
  • Director, Dentistry 
  • Director, Theology 

Check here or stay tuned to the UTSU Social Media for updates.