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Online Campaigning Period (red text on a yellow background) Monday March 8 at 9am to Sunday March 21 at 11:59pm Learn more about the students participating in the UTSU elections (white text on a black background) There is a simple illustration of a hand holding a megaphone and 3 individuals with a variety of hairstyles
UTSU elections are around the corner and  you can soon check out the candidates on our website


From student engagement to mental health, it’s important to read the platforms and vote for candidates who are dedicated to making U of T a better place.

The Executive Candidates Forum Facebook live Tuesday, March 16 at 6pm is an important opportunity to evaluate the individuals running for office in your student union, tune in to our Facebook @uoftsu and meet the candidates. You can RSVP to the event here if you’d like reminders.

 As a member of the UTSU, your vote matters. For students and by students, the student union advocates and lobbies for student rights (from protesting the lack of student consultation in U of T’s COVID-19 planning to demanding safer transit options) and provides services (from the Health and Dental Plan to clubs funding).

The individuals you elect have a direct impact on your student experience. Help make 2021-22 great: get involved, make a difference, vote & have your say!