UTSU Resource Bank

Coffee & Hot Water Urns

Perfect for large events and socials! Urns can be used for coffee or to heat water to serve tea. Serves up to 100 cups of coffee, has an easy-to-read coffee level indicator and compartment for coffee grinds, and is designed for hands-free dispensing. It has an automatic keep-warm feature that ensures fresh coffee at any time. Please clean before returning to get your deposit back.

Cooler with Wheels

Simply add ice to keep drinks cool throughout the whole day. The wheels and handle make for easy transport.

Electric Griddle

The griddle is perfect for creating pancakes, bacon, or eggs. Simply plug the attached cord into an outlet and turn on.  Food safety and use is the responsibility of the group renting the Electric Griddle.

Beverage Dispenser

Great for storing and serving cold beverages such as water or juice at your events!  Capacity: 2.5 gallons.

Extension Cord

We provide long extension cords, perfect for connecting items like laptops, speakers, or microphones without an outlet nearby.

Microphone and Cord

The microphone comes with a TRS cord that can be attached to speakers. Please note that the microphone is provided separately from the speakers.

Mic Table Stand

The table microphone stand supports the microphone and is perfect for panel events, debate teams and more!

Folding Long Tables

Tables are available throughout the year for club events. They are perfect for tabling events such as panels, bake sales, and information booths. The folding long table comes with a handle and can be easier to move. Measurements 74” x 29.5”.

Mic Floor Stand

The floor stand supports your microphone and is perfect for stand-up events, karaoke nights and more! Height is adjustable.

PA System

This system is great for public forums, open mics, and karaoke. The speakers can be borrowed in a package that also comes with a mixer and cords (speaker cables and aux cords), an instruction manual, and images of the set-up. The Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I speakers can be digitally connected to an iPod/iPhone, has SPX digital reverb built in, and is a 1-Knob Master EQ. Microphones and cords can be rented separately. Speakers and cables come in a wheeled bag that makes it easy to transport across campus.

PA Speaker Stands

These stands accompany the PA system, and function to hold up the speakers.

Popcorn Machine

One of our popular items, the popcorn machine is perfect for large socials, movie nights, and more! The machine comes on a roller strand for easy transportation. A manual is included. The machine comes with a cleaning spray and cleaning instructions. Cleaning the machine is mandatory, and it must be done before return. 6 sachets of popcorn/butter (enough for approx. 50 people) can be purchased for $15 at the UTSU front desk. Popcorn bags are not available.


Portable Wifi projectors are multi-functional and can be rented anytime throughout the year. Each projector comes in a small bag with appropriate cords (HDMI cable and power cord). AV cables not included.

SAD Lamp

Need a pick me up in the winter? All members now have access to Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps throughout the winter. These lamps are small but bright, and mimic natural sunlight and bring daylight indoors.

Water Barrels

We offer four (4) 10-gallon water barrels. Perfect for all events! Use for cold water only.

Canopy / Tent

Our 10×10 ft. steel frame canopy provides temporary shade and shelter for your outdoor/tabling/pop-up events, and is conveniently stored in a bag on wheels for easy transport.

Hand Trucks

Our small hand truck carries loads up to 200 lbs., and our heavy-duty convertible hand/platform truck carries loads between 700-1000 lbs.