Could you help other students file their taxes? Make a difference this spring 💕 💸 🌸 


Every year the UTSU coordinates official Canada Revenue Agency tax preparation training for around 50 students who go on to help over 300 students file tax returns for free. It’s a great example of how the student union creates opportunities for students to support each other and it also supports the UTSU goal of helping students level up their financial literacy, something the union feels is pretty much a prerequisite for Adulting 101. 

If you’ve filed taxes before and are feeling savy enough to walk someone through it – AMAZING! We need your skills! As a tax clinic volunteer you get: FREE TRAINING, credit on your CO-CURRICULAR RECORD and GOOD VIBES for helping other students.

Training and Tax Clinics are in March but we need sign-ups now because it can take 30 days to register for the EFILE numbers.

To apply send cover letter and resume to before February 10, 2021.

Volunteers are required to do a minimum of 20 hours including training between March and the end of April 2021. Volunteer shifts are usually 6 hours long in which you will be helping around 4-6 students per shift to complete what might be their first-ever tax filing (and get their first tax return SCORE!).

Clinics will be held over zoom (safe!) you can help people without even leaving your home.

Do something good and help people this spring 💕 💸 🌸 

Apply Now!