Permanent Club Offices at Student Commons

To ensure fair allocation, clubs must complete the application form to demonstrate their eligibility and commitment. By accessing these spaces, clubs contribute to a vibrant and inclusive campus environment. All applications will be assessed using the Club Spaces Policy document, which is available for you to review below.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Shechtman at

How to Apply

Instructions for 2024-25 applications will be shared here in September 2024.

Perks of having an office at Student Commons

  • Our building is safe and secure – all offices accessible only by fobs.


  • Our building has a new updated hours, during which you can use your space: Monday to Friday, 8am-9pm.


  • Our building is easily accessible by TTC. Closest subway stations are Queens, Park, St. George, and Spadina.


  • There are bookable rooms available in the Student Commons to host larger group meetings.